Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Big Girl Bed...

A few days before Georgia officially turned 3, we took apart the baby crib and introduced her to her new toddler bed.  She was pretty excited!  

At the recommendation of our pediatrician and because she's always been such a great sleeper in the crib, we put off the transition as long as possible.  Our pediatrician's motto is "until they evict themselves, don't move them out!"  We heard nightmare stories from friends and neighbors about kids who were great sleepers and then refused to sleep in their new beds.  Georgia has been an amazing sleeper since she was a baby, so we didn't want to rock that boat.  She's also never made any attempts to escape or climb out of her crib, but we decided it was officially time to make the change.  

Well, that's sort of a lie.  You see, we were going to swap out the crib about a month ago, except we have absolutely no clue where we put part of the transition set.  We searched the house high and low.  We emailed/called family to see if they remember spotting pieces anywhere in the house.  The remaining pieces were in our storage area, but we had a minor flood not long after we moved in and now we're thinking that perhaps those pieces got tossed?!?  No idea!  I'm sure we'll find them in another 10-15 years!  We thought we were being so responsible back in the day ordering all the parts because we knew the day would come when we would use the crib as the transition toddler bed. Now if only we could remember where we put all those parts...

So, we had to order a few pieces from the manufacturer before we could make the switch. And when your crib has been discontinued, that further complicates matters!  Thank goodness, they were able to recommend a similar set and Nick played around to make it work.

Testing out her new bed

Getting a tuck-in from Mimi

In fabulous news, the transition has gone amazing.  She's still sleeping like a rock star and hasn't even thought about getting out of bed without us there!!  She loves climbing in and out of her bed when we tell her it's time to get in/out.  I think there are even more "friends" in there with her now - there's barely room for her with all the blankets and stuffed animals in there.

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