Friday, May 9, 2014

Be Our Guest...

After a long morning at the Animal Kingdom and a quick nap back at the hotel, we headed over to the Magic Kingdom yet again for their evening hours.  Since we didn't have to use any of our FastPass+ reservations during the Animal Kingdom portion of the day, we were able to quickly change those over to the Magic Kingdom.  But, before rides, our first priority was our dinner reservation at Beast's Castle!!!  Everyone has been raving about dinner at Be Our Guest online, so I was so excited to score a reservation to the popular new restaurant in the Kingdom!

Mimi seemed to have packed every Disney stuffed animal in her suitcase, so Georgia loved waking up from her nap daily to discover which little friend had joined our party that day.  When she woke up after her nap on that particular day, she discovered Pluto.  He HAD to join us for dinner!!  What a lucky pup - he even got some dinner roll to eat!

But not too much roll because our princess saved those mostly for herself!

Mimi whipped out a crown for dinner!

Be Our Guest was an interesting experience.  The restaurant is beautiful.  Luckily, we were seated in the main ballroom.  There appeared to be a back room, which was much darker and "experienced" thunderstorms during dinner.  Our room was more lit and had soft snow falling in the background.  Georgia was still cranky from getting up from her nap and needed some coercing to sit and get ready for dinner.  We had just gotten her seated and ready to go when the host of the evening, the Beast himself, was announced and strolled through the dining room.  HE WAS HUGE!!  And Georgia was absolutely terrified just by the sight of him.  Adorably, she kept asking, "But where is Belle?"  They kept announcing that you could meet Beast after dinner and Georgia wanted to make sure that it was not in our plans at all!  Up until this point, we didn't have to whip out the iPad at all.  However, in order for her to separate from me for just one minute (aka - I wanted to eat my food), we bribed her with some iPad time!  

Tip #28 -- Although you can't request where you sit at Be Our Guest, be prepared that some of the experience may spook younger kids!  

As for the food - it was fantastic!  Like all our other dinners, a chef immediately came out to take our order and ensured that Georgia's meal would be safe for her.  I'm not sure how much she actually ate, but she definitely managed a few different dinner rolls!  We ordered her some cookies for dessert, but our very sweet waitress also brought her out some sherbet with a candle for her birthday!  The waitress didn't even put down the sherbet when Georgia immediately blew out the candle.  AND she wanted it re-lit.  Thank goodness she is cute!  The waitress also brought out a super sweet birthday card signed by Beast and Belle.

Tip #29 -- Make sure to stop by guest relations at the beginning of your trip and let them know if you are celebrating any special occasion.  They will give you a pin and Disney's cast members will go out of their way to greet you and make your day special.  We noticed lots of "happy birthday" pins, so Mimi made sure that Georgia got a special pin for her birthday too!

You may notice a shadow on G's right cheek in a lot of the pictures.  Poor baby - she went to exit the monorail one day and somehow misjudged the gate.  SLAM - gate to the face!  It immediately swelled up and turned a nice shade of purple within a day or two.

We passed on dessert since we had already eaten our amazing cupcakes earlier in the day at Animal Kingdom.  We also passed on meeting Beast since Georgia was still less than thrilled with his presence!  But that was okay because we had a scheduled date for our last ride on Dumbo for the trip.  We hadn't ridden on him at night and all the lights were so fun!

Waiting patiently

Instagram shot

We managed quite a few more rides "one last time" before Georgia tired out.  It was bittersweet leaving the park that night knowing that we wouldn't be back.  With only one more day of vacation, that was our final night at the Magic Kingdom.  We absolutely loved the new Fantasyland and Georgia enjoyed so many of the rides!  We were lucky enough to catch one last fireworks show and debated staying for the later electric parade, but Georgia didn't have enough steam left in her for that.  So, we jumped on the monorail and headed back to the hotel to rest up for our final day... at Epcot!

Tip# 30 -- Definitely take a few different days to explore the Magic Kingdom if you have a toddler.  Georgia loved riding some of the same rides multiple times and we really enjoyed the park atmosphere at night with the fireworks going off and the whole park lit up in magical colorful lights!

FitBit count for the day -- 9.2 miles walked!

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