Monday, April 7, 2014

Under the Big Top...

After an amazing pre-show experience, we finally got to see the actual circus!  Georgia's jaw hit the floor when she saw the elephants march out, the fireworks went off and the whole show really got started...


The official show kicked off at 11:30am and around 1pm, Georgia was blinking like crazy and I was googling "how long does the circus last?"  We were amazed that there was still an intermission to go and another whole second half.  We thought for sure that Georgia was going to be out cold for the second half, especially after she reclined in Nick's arms.  But, a little cotton candy and a snow cone provided just the right amount of sugar to fuel her for the second half of the show!

Intermission = cotton candy time

Who needs a spoon when you're eating a giant snow cone out of an elephant cup?!?

Get at it!

And, of course, everyone loves a circus souvenir...

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