Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Georgia says the funniest things these days.  Highlights from this past month or so include:

"I missed you too." (even when you have NOT told her that you missed her)

"It's not ewwww.  It's love!" (after the 8,989 viewing of Frozen, I may have said "Ewwww... they're kissing!"  Her response was enlightening.)

"I love you sooooooo much!" (paired with a giant hug, this is her new way to get out of any trouble caused)

"This is cool!" (when Mimi sent Georgia new light-up Minnie Mouse sandals for our Disney trip)

"I not sweetie!  I'm PEACH!" (God forbid that Nick dared to call her "sweetie," since daycare refers to her as "Peach")

"Look, I have boobies!" (Nick may have had a mini heart attack!)

"No, it's not school time.  It's party time!" (Sorority life, here she comes!)

"Just one?" (meaning, I fully expect more than one skittle, cookie, etc. and please give me another NOW)

"Sorry about that!" (refers to just about any time you question her about anything)

"It's ALMOST the weekend!" (even when it is the weekend)

She even tried driving this week!  

Trying to convince me it's a snow day so she doesn't have to go to school!

As her 3rd birthday approaches, her 2nd birthday party hats are still a hit in the toy box!

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