Saturday, April 5, 2014

Circus Life...

A few weekends ago, we took Georgia to her first ever circus performance.  Thinking the circus would only be an hour or two, I bought us tickets for the late morning/early afternoon show.  Who knew the circus would be almost three hours long?!?  Oooops.

Lucky for us, our local news channel was running a show about the upcoming circus and mentioned a "pre-show."  I quickly googled and found out that there was an hour long free pre-show that allowed the kids to go onto the floor and meet some of the performers.  Sounded good to us, so we got up nice and early and trekked into the city ready for our circus day...

Waiting for the doors to the Verizon Center to open!

Checking out our tickets

Once the doors opened, we walked right down to the arena floor and watched clowns, performers, and other artists demonstrate their skills.  The pre-show treat was a bag of mini-marshmallows, which Georgia promptly inhaled!  As we were wandering, we spotted an area with some benches and some ropes were being put up.  Georgia walked right over and plopped herself down to watch the happenings.  She couldn't have picked a better seat and we had NO IDEA what was coming...

Checking out the jugglers

Georgia loved watching this uber-flexible performer fly high into the arena sky

As we sat there and watched all the mini performances, more and more people joined us in our little roped off area.  Georgia was more than happy to just watch everything going on.

Family selfie

The next performers were a dance troupe that specialized in jump roping.  They asked for a few volunteers from the audience and we were blown away when Georgia hopped right up and walked right up to them!

Volunteering herself

Jump roping!

Quite honestly, the pre-show itself was worth the ticket prices to the circus!  Georgia loved every second of the pre-show.  

Big claps for the dancing horses

And then... it became apparent that something BIG was going to come out and we had a front row seat for it.  ELEPHANTS!!!

I managed to capture Georgia's face the moment that the elephants emerged from behind the parting curtains...

What an expression!

The kid's face never ceases to amaze me.  What a personality!  I don't even know what she was angry about at this point...

Nick was standing a few rows behind us and you can see Georgia sitting on my lap watching as the elephants emerged...

The baby elephant and it's Mama watching from the curtain area

Who knew elephants could paint???  The baby elephant painted a picture and then it was raffled off later during the show...


The best part - after all of this, the show hadn't even started yet!  Nick and I joked that we could have left after this point and felt like we had gotten our money worth.  Georgia was beyond excited that she got to see ponies and elephants.  She got to jump rope with the performers.  She saw jugglers, aerialists, etc.  It was amazing.  If anyone is heading to the circus anytime soon, check to see if the pre-show is happening!

And now onto the big event...

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