Saturday, March 1, 2014

Happy Birthday, Meems!

After a gorgeous Saturday at the zoo, we were able to celebrate Mimi's birthday on Sunday.  Georgia was most interested in "helping" Mimi unwrap her presents (aka - Mimi got to watch Georgia open her presents for her!).

In one of the cutest and unscripted moments of the day, Georgia spontaneously sang "Happy Birthday" to Mimi and she was so proud of herself.  We've been to quite a few birthday parties lately, so Georgia has really mastered that song.  She frequently sings it at night while lying in bed and we hear her on the monitor practicing.  So, she was quite proud of herself to sing it and show off her new talent!

For Mimi's birthday dinner, we decided to try a new Italian restaurant near our house and we were not disappointed.  Great food, fabulous sangria, free birthday desserts, and safe Georgia food!!  We couldn't have asked for a better dinner...

My favorite girls

Slurping up noodles

Happy birthday, Mimi!

Where did everyone go???

Sadly, Mimi had to return to Massachusetts later that evening.  She barely made it - like sprint through the airport barely made it.  Originally, her flight was delayed, so Mimi stuck around for a little longer to play.  However, when she arrived at the airport, she was notified that her flight was back to leaving on time.  So, Mimi had to join the BWI Sprint Club (Melissa and I are also members!).  Thank goodness she carb-loaded with that big pasta meal before the race.  Nothing like a little excitement on your birthday (and a 5K) to get the blood pumping!!

So, we're back to our family of 3 status for now and counting down the days until our Disney trip!  However, we might have to survive yet another winter storm this week.  UGH - leave us alone, winter.

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