Friday, March 7, 2014

Basement Meets Instagram

It's the age old question (or perhaps a tad more modern of a question)... what to do with all those great Instagram photos that you have saved on your phone?!?  I have lots of great pictures of Georgia from the past year or two saved in that handy little app on my iPhone.  But, I rarely ever print the pictures from there and when I do, they don't fit in any standard frames that we have around the house.

A few weeks back, I spotted a blog post introducing me to Tiny Mighty Frames.  Love at first sight!!  I was obsessed and immediately started planning a new wall highlighting some of my favorite pics.  Since our basement walls are gigantic and mostly blank, I decided that the "man-cave" (Nick hasn't fully admitted that his man-cave is now the princess-cave) was the perfect place for my new dream wall.  

I originally tried to order the 20 pack of 4x4 white frames, but they were out of stock.  So, my wall idea grew and I ordered two of the 16 pack of 4x4 white frames.  The next big decision was to go through all my Instagram photos and pick which winners would make the wall-o-fame.  After some tough decisions, I picked 32 of my "favorite" pictures and had them printed to our local Walgreens store.  

Next step - spend an hour or so putting all those pictures into the frames.  I had read online that the frames could be a little tough to pop open - no joke!  Even the company put a letter in the package explaining how to open the frames and directed us to an online video.  So, I'm assuming we were not the first people to experience some challenge getting all the frames open and closed again.  Unfortunately, there was a casualty as we cracked the glass on one frame trying to get it closed back up.  Lucky for us, the company provided us with a spare frame.  We were very careful after that knowing our entire wall idea was going to be compromised if we broke another frame!

Frames ready to go...

Next step... enlist husband to help you hang 32 frames during nap time!  As usual, Nick was a brave man and grabbed his laser level and helped me figure out the layout.  

One down and thirty-one to go....

After a little math, finding the center of the wall, measuring the frames, etc., we decided to go with 4 rows of 8 frames.  Let the fun begin...

Once we got cranking, the project went fairly smooth and was pretty quick.  There was lots of double-checking measurements and the laser level got a good workout.  About an hour later, voila...

Irony?  An Instagram of our Instagram wall????

Some of my favorite memories

The view of the wall coming down the stairs (the cat already seems to be a fan!)

Overall, I'm thrilled with how the project turned out.  It was a fairly easy (thanks to Nick and his laser level) and it didn't break the bank!  My long-term plan is to swap out pictures every year or so or as new "winners" replace other pictures on the wall.  The best news - my Instagram pictures are no longer trapped in my iPhone!

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