Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Potty Training 101...

OMG - how did Georgia become old enough to discuss potty training?!?!  Where have the past 32 months gone?  And how in the world are we talking about poop being an issue again?  I thought we were over poop when we left the NICU!

Since Nick and I both had a 3 day weekend this past week, we decided that it was a now-or-never situation to attempt potty training.  Georgia has used her small princess potty for the past year in our house to go the bathroom before bedtime and uses the potty at school inconsistently, but we've never pushed the issue.  Before kids transition to the next level at her school (around their 3rd birthday), they need to be potty trained.  We've recently seen a few kids struggle with the issue right before the transition, so we decided to get a jump on it.  Georgia also seemed really "ready," since she likes to join us in the bathroom, wants to hand us toilet paper, and doesn't seem too pleased when she has a little something-something in her diaper.  Our other motivation was to have her potty trained before our trip to Disney in April.  Not packing diapers would be ideal!

So, our endeavor began... And shockingly, so far, it has been relatively easy and painless.  It's a tad exhausting with our iPhone alarms going off constantly, but it's working.  I purposefully didn't do a ton of research on the topic and just figured we'd go with a basic schedule and see what happened after day #1.  I talked with some friends at work with older kids and they all recommended the same thing - just jump in!

On Day #1, we started with a 15 minute routine.  Armed with a bag full of Pez candy, we made Georgia sit on the potty (either her little potty or the big potty) every 15 min.  No matter what.  In the beginning, it was a fun game to her.  But over time, she didn't want her tv viewing or game playing to be interrupted, so we had to force her to go.  The result - amazing!  She earned herself lots of Pez and only had one accident very late in the day before bedtime.  We only gave her a Pez if she actually did something and didn't reward her for just trying.  She quickly figured that out and would tell us, "It's not coming!"  We haven't messed with diapers for naps or bedtime - we will cross that bridge later.

Hanging out in her new undies while protecting the carpet!!

On Day #2, we started with a 20 minute routine.  Again, no matter what was happening, Georgia took a trip to the bathroom every 20 minutes. However, if she wasn't able to go, we made her revisit the bathroom in 15 minutes.  Again, amazing results!  Only one accident very early in the morning.  On another occasion, she started to pee in her training underwear and stopped herself.  She jumped right up so we knew something was going on.  By the end of the day, she had lots of Pez in her tummy and was very proud of herself.  She even peed on the potty for Mimi via Skype!!  

Unfortunately, we noticed a pattern - no poop.  Story of our life!  

On Day #3, we bumped the time up to a 25 minute routine with 20 minute intervals if she didn't go.  Again, all was well... until we had a poop accident in her underwear.  The poor thing was so upset.  Luckily, we used it as a learning opportunity and we showed her how to flush it down the drain.  About an hour later, we had our biggest success of the weekend - Georgia pooped in the potty!  She earned a special reward - a new Santa Pez dispenser (Thanks to a friend at work who gave it to me!).  We really played up how major that was and Georgia really seemed to get it!  Miraculously, she even was staying fairly dry during nap times.

Talk about multi-tasking --- potty, cookie, and iPad!

In all honestly, we weren't expecting training to go this well!!  We were waiting for the other shoe to drop!

On Day #4, we bumped the time up to a 30 minute routine with 25 minute intervals if she didn't go.  We had an allergist appointment scheduled for the late morning and I was going to use that as an opportunity as our first outing, but due to snow, we got trapped in the house for another day.  However, she did get a chance to go outside and play in the snow for about an hour and stayed dried the entire time!  No accidents and an hour long stretch were the highlights of the day.

Hiding from potty time!

On Day #5, we were unexpectedly home from work/school again due to snow, so we took advantage and bumped the time up to a 35 minute routine.  Again, we had an amazing day with no accidents and by the end of the day, Georgia was actually asking to use the potty!  

Georgia gets pez and Mommy/Daddy get wine as a reward!!

Day #6 brings a return to daycare, so we're excited to see what happens...

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Awww, she seems pretty easy to learn! Good job :)