Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Instagramming Our Way Through January...

A bit of a non-update update today...

BLAH.  That is my official description for the month of January so far.  BLAH. BLAH.  BLAH.  All three of us have battled a cold and we have been trapped in the house most days because of the Arctic cold that seems to never leave Maryland these days.  I certainly don't mind the snow and the few snow days/school delays have been fantastic, especially after a few years of a snow drought here in the mid-Atlantic.  But, the freezing temperatures have been ridiculous!  So, we've been forced to entertain ourselves in the house.

3 degrees????

The majority of the pictures I've taken so far this month all seem to be on my iPhone...

Not wanting to finish dinner, so she gave the rest of her food, drink, and her plate to Bear!

Lazy January day in our pajamas playing Candy Land and eating lollipops!

Selfie shot in her pajamas

Wearing Mommy's sneakers around the house

Loving the new clown nose she took home from a friend's circus themed birthday last weekend!

My big girl sporting a bun "like Momma!"

Counting down the days until spring and our long days playing outside!

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