Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas Week in MA...

Greetings from FREEZING cold and snowy Maryland.  Those words don't usually go in the same sentence together, but after getting clipped from the system that dropped a ton of snow on New England, I got to enjoy a rare snow day down here!

After lots of uploading and editing, I think I finally have all our pictures from our annual Christmas pilgrimage to Massachusetts up on my computer.  As always, it was amazing to spend a week just visiting and spending time with family and friends, as well as Nick and I getting to sneak in some quality alone time.

Every Christmas we get together with my friends from graduate school.  Our little group is slowly expanding and now there are 5 kids between us.  Trying to get 4 toddlers to look at a camera at the same time was a fun game to play...

Of course, guess who was the first to lose her temper and patience with that game???

I love that Trevor is staring her down!  Probably wondering who this drama queen thinks she is while in HIS house!

We had the same luck with taking pictures during a quick visit with Paige and Sydney up in New Hampshire.  Georgia was in no mood to have her picture taken that day either, but it was great to enjoy a quick breakfast with the girls.

At least Miss Sydney smiled for the camera!

No visit to Massachusetts would be complete without a little quality bonding time with Looch!  Georgia safely watched his antics from the comfort of Mimi's lap...

Poor Looch - he just wants to lick her to death!!

Absolutely delighted by his licks!

She could watch him all day long.

Even Papa got some good licks!

Since we were on "vacation," bedtime became a relative term. Georgia got to enjoy some later nights staying up to watch holiday specials on tv or play with new toys (or your cousin's new toys).  As always, being spoiled by Mimi...

Eating yet another candy cane!

Watching "The Polar Express" with Mimi one night

Introducing Papa to "Mickey's Clubhouse"

Coloring with new markers from Auntie Carrie

Inherited drum set from Matthew

It was non-stop visitors all week long.  Georgia was fairly shy with most people and didn't always want to open presents, but she certainly has enjoyed playing with all the presents and usually warmed up after a short while!!

Opening presents with Auntie Polly and Auntie Patti

She immediately wanted to put on her new shoes from Auntie Patti

Bowling with Auntie Kris

Bouncing on the bed with Matthew

Playing iPad with her cousins

Playing with Auntie Elaine and Mimi

Big hugs for Auntie Lisa

Playdough with Auntie Pat and Auntie Elaine

Of course she would imitate her big cousins!

Being silly with Auntie

Engrossed by Nathan reading a landscaping book!

Giggles with Auntie Lisa

Nick and I always manage to sneak off and celebrate our 1/2 anniversary in the city where we got married.  It was Happy 4 1/2 to us this year in Boston!

Time certainly does fly when you are having fun and this break was no exception...

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Zoo Lights 2013!

Happy New Year 2014! 

We've enjoyed the past week up in New England catching up with all our wonderful friends and family that live in that part of the country.  I also took a little break from posts and just enjoyed the down time from work and blogging.  We'll catch up on all our adventures up north over the next week or so in new posts.  Nick and I may have also starting binge watching "Breaking Bad" after dozens of people recommended the show to us, so that seems to be sucking up our down time these days.  

Before we took off for New England, we managed to squeeze in one final DC holiday activity.  Since the weather was unseasonably warm the week before Christmas, we headed down to check out Zoo Lights at the Smithsonian National Zoo the night before we left for Massachusetts.  We had never previously attended the event, but with an enticing Groupon deal and warm weather, we decided to check it out.  Of course, since it was a nice night, it seemed like half the populations of DC, Maryland and Virginia also decided to head to the zoo that night too!

We had a great time checking out all the lights and exploring all the special offerings for the night, including a train ride.  Georgia wasn't too interested in taking a tube run down Tiger Hill, but she was more than eager to jump on her favorite carousel.  There weren't many animals out and about in their enclosures, but we did get to check out the sleeping gorillas!

Daddy and G riding on the carousel

Mommy & G

Checking out the elephants

Georgia trying to climb into an exhibit to check out the glowing shells