Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fall 2013 School Photos...

We're obviously fairly happy with how Georgia's fall photos came out this year.  She certainly can turn on the "charm" when she needs to...

And my personal favorite...

Monday, October 28, 2013

Fall Zoo Trip - Part 2...

After visiting the lions, tigers, and elephants, we headed down the American Trail.  It's one of the newer areas of the zoo and my favorite area of the zoo.  Our first stop was to check out the otters swimming in their pool...

Getting an opportunity to feel some otter fur

Checking out the otters

Georgia loved the seal lions.  I thought she was going to climb into their pool and join in their fun!

Checking us out!

Can she get any closer???

The American Trail is my favorite area because of the winding paths and the landscaping that runs along the trail.

Chasing Daddy down the trail

Our last stop was to check out the Andean bears before we grabbed some lunch.  The cubs were quite funny - it's like they were testing their enclosure to find a way out!

Just a little itch right here!

Stealing Mommy's sunglasses!

We stopped for lunch, which turned out to take longer than expected.  I asked about their food allergy menu and the restaurant was very accommodating in saying that they get asked about it all the time.  I asked to see the hot dog ingredients.  It took forever for someone to return with quite literally, a piece of the hot dog roll box.  Apparently, they went to the back room and just tore the box in half so they could bring out the part of the box that listed the ingredients.  I was pleased that they went to so much trouble, but it blows my mind that the National Zoo doesn't have a printed menu with their food allergens considering how many thousands of children they serve food to everyday.  I quickly did a Google search while we sat there eating to see if anyone had successfully posted about the food allergens at the zoo.  No luck.  Again, I was shocked.  So, if someone from the zoo ever reads this... please contact me!!  I'd be happy to spend a day in your store room finding all the ingredients, researching them and coming up with a list for you!!  One day.  Maybe two at the most and you could have a complete list to just distribute, post on your website, etc.  

Chilling out in Daddy's hat

Of course, we had to sneak in one more quick ride on the carousel before we headed home for the day.

The best news - later that night, I did NOT have to go to the ER to get my gallbladder removed, which is how our last trip to the zoo ended!!

And I had to share this cute photo of Georgia from later in the day wearing her brand new UCONN t-shirt!  My second cousin, Michael, is a freshman at the University of Connecticut this year, so his parents, Karen and Barry, sent Georgia her first official UCONN gear!!   Thank you so much for thinking of her.  Go Huskies!