Saturday, October 12, 2013

Apple Picking...

There's nothing more "autumnal" than picking apples on a beautiful fall day.  Every year we head over to Homestead Farm in Poolesville for our annual apple picking pilgrimage. 

Last year, Georgia loved running around the orchard tasting apples...

Fall 2012

The year prior to that, Georgia was a tad bored with the apple picking experience...

Fall 2011

This year, she was all over the place!  She was also really excited that Becky joined us for the day...

Heading into the farm

First stop, picking out a pumpkin...

"I want that one!"

Nick captured this super cute shot on his phone

Next stop, off to say hi to the animals that call the farm home....

Becky & Georgia saying hello to a friendly goat!

Two of my favorite people!!

And then it was time to find some yummy apples!

It's really helpful to have a small little person to reach some of the lower growing apples.  Georgia was a great little apple spotter!

We always try a family photo session.  Some days we're more successful than others...

Georgia loves her friend, Becky!

Not only was she a great apple picker, but Georgia did a great job of helping to push around our cart.  We voted and decided that child labor laws don't exist on farms!!

Such a Daddy's girl...

And after baking apple muffins, applesauce, and more appley-goodness, we still have apples leftover!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Our Little Reader...

Georgia absolutely loves books!  She is more than happy to spend hours flipping through books, especially if they have animals, Cars, Nemo, etc. in them.  This week, she got her first ever chapter book in the mail from Papa Kevin!  She was so excited that she ran around the house chasing KC screaming, "Let's read!" and "Read it to me!"  Shockingly, the cat responded by hiding in the basement for several hours. 

 At night, she pretends to read her chapter book and flips through the pages repeating words/phrases that she has heard us read to her.  "Peter Rabbit!  Peter Rabbit" she mumbles repeating the first words of the book over and over again.  Recently she's even been kicking Nick out of the chair since she wants to read on her own!  

Going through her package from Papa

Reading her book

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Can You Tell Me How To Get....

We were so excited last weekend for Georgia's first "show" experience - Sesame Street Live!!  We bought the tickets months and months ago back in the spring, but we weren't sure how she would like it or even if she would make it through the show.  She's easily entertained by the television, iPad, etc., but she'd never been in a live show type of environment.  

The good news - she liked it!

The best news - she loved it!!

From the moment we walked into the venue, her head was on a pivot whipping back and forth to check out all the action and sights.

High five to Daddy!

Looking toward the stage in amazement!

Screaming HELLO at Elmo!!

Our seats were absolutely amazing.  I had gotten an email special early in the year, so I bought whatever the best seats were at the time - who knew they were going to be 2nd row smack in the middle?!?

Loving the streamers that were shot from the stage

My blue-eyed loves

No show is complete without a toy souvenier or two!  Georgia just had to have a new Elmo spinning toy and a gigantic Elmo balloon.  One of my favorite pictures from the day was this shot I took of Georgia with her new Elmo spinning toy.  She was so in awe of it!

Heading home and clutching an Elmo in each hand