Friday, August 23, 2013

Back to the Grind!

You know it is back to school time in our house when my nights become filled with laminating...

And cutting...

Sigh!  Where does summer go every year?!?

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Lobsterfest 2013

One of my favorite days of the year (besides Christmas, which we all know I love, love, love!) is our family's summer lobsterfest celebration.  This year marked year #7 for the occasion and we were thrilled to be home for all the fun!  

The weather this year was beyond perfect.   In past years, there has been a hurricane and last year had 200% humidity!

Slam dunk!

Auntie & Georgia

Hanging out with the birthday girl

The cousins

The blue ladies are all celebrating big milestone birthdays during 2013!

Of course, the star of the day is always the lobster!

Abby wasn't so sure about the lobster!

Georgia got to spend lots of time playing with her cousin, Abby!

Georgia was more interested in playing soccer with Daddy!

Cousins at play

Big hugs for Uncle Ken

Hi, Auntie Sherrie!

Mimi & G

Georgia loved playing with Jessie

Hard at play

The dog wanted to be part of the fun!

Hanging out with Abby

Family photo selfie

As always, a huge thank you to Lisa and Jerry for hosting such a fabulous party!!

A Throw-back Thursday flashback - One of my favorite pictures of Nick and I from Lobsterfest 3 back in 2009...

Lobsters in a hurricane!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Adult Field Trip!

When Nick and I are in Massachusetts and we have reliable babysitters handy, we always try to escape for a day or two.  Over Christmas, I kidnapped Nick and brought him to the Liberty Hotel in Boston for the night.  Last summer, I took him to Martha's Vineyard so that he could fulfill his wish to spend the day riding around the island on a moped!  And the Christmas before that, we went back to the Seaport Hotel (our wedding venue) for a little R&R and our first overnight trip away from Georgia.  

Over dinner a few weeks ago, I asked Nick what our adventure should be this time around.  I almost fell off my chair when my husband mentioned that he had never been to Maine!  WHAT?!?!?  That had to be fixed ASAP.  So, while home, we took a ride up the coast to see some of the pretty towns along the southern Maine coast - Ogunquit and York.  Unfortunately, my BFF who lives in Maine was out of town that week, so we weren't able to squeeze in a visit to see her in Portland.  

Nick and I started in the beautiful little town of Ogunquit.  My mom and I went on vacation there once upon a time when I was just a kid and I still remember falling in love with the town.  

As Nick and I drove into town, he started googling "best lobster rolls in Ogunquit" and the most random recommendation popped up for a small store that was located inside a quilt shop.  No lie, as Nick read this aloud, we spotted the quilt shop.  So, in we went!  The official name of the store was Four Mile Lobster.  I absolutely loved the reasoning behind the name --- all the lobsters are caught within four miles of the store and are brought in fresh every morning.  We quickly ordered up two lobster rolls and chatted with the lovely couple behind the counter.  Come to find out, the wife was from Minnesota and the husband grew up in the area and his father was a local lobsterman.  Hence, the fresh lobster everyday!  They were absolutely the nicest people and the lobster roll was out of this world.  It was simple, fresh and delish!  The food was amazing and the company was outstanding.  After we finished, we hit the road again to explore.

With the threat of rain, we walked into town and poked around the Perkins Cove area...

Looking out to sea

We attempted to take several pictures while standing on the drawbridge, but the wind had other plans for us.  So, the best attempt still ended with Nick wearing a large chunk of my hair across his face...

We decided to walk to the downtown area via the Marginal Way, which is a fantastic scenic footpath that runs right along the Atlantic Ocean. With lots of benches along the route, we stopped to enjoy the view many times!

A sailboat heads out for a voyage

Marginal Way, Ogunquit Maine

One of the coolest sights along the walk were the hundreds upon hundreds of rock cairns that people built along the path. This was one of my favorites...

So, Nick built me one...

Nick exploring the rocks

My date for the day!

As we walked along the path, the sun came out and it turned into a beautiful Maine day!

As we were attempting yet another selfie shot, a very nice gentleman with one heck of a Boston accent asked us if we wanted him to take a picture of us...  Thanks Boston fella!

After stopping in town some shopping and a glass of sangria, we drove down the coast to York, Maine.  Again, we stumbled upon a great find!  Nick looked at a map and picked out a random restaurant, Dockside, that was on the very corner and seemed to be right on the water.  It was early and we weren't sure if we just needed a snack or if we wanted to sit down for dinner.  Unfortunately, the restaurant was closed in between their lunch/dinner shifts, but the hostess invited us to sit in the bar area and directed us to a cute little patio.  The view was absolutely amazing!

We ordered some fried clams and lobster risotto to snack on while we enjoyed some adult beverages and just watched the local boats come in and out of the harbor.  Nick even checked to see if there was any sailboats for us to buy...

Again, we couldn't have picked a better restaurant if we had planned out the trip!  We always have the best impromptu adventures!

This is my type of restaurant - they brought the drink and the remainder in a separate glass.  Yes, please!

Oh, New England, how I love you!

We wrapped up our day trip by driving back down the Maine coast into New Hampshire and finally into Massachusetts.  Nick can check off "visit Maine" off his to-do list and we got to spend a great day together!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Acrobats, Trains, Bears... Oh my!

One of my FAVORITE places to visit while in New England is Clark's Trading Post in New Hampshire.  I couldn't wait to show Nick and Georgia this iconic NH tourist attraction!  The last time I visited was in 2006 with my Mom and Becky...

Hanging out with the bears!

Of course, we had to invite along Georgia's favorite "boys" and Auntie along for the trip!  We trekked the two hours north into the White Mountains of NH early Wednesday morning and arrived just as Clark's was opening.  Georgia immediately saw the train and flipped out.  She wanted ON!!!


See you later, guys!!!

Unfortunately for G, the train wasn't scheduled to leave right away, so we had to keep Georgia distracted.  This was no easy task as she screamed bloody murder that she wanted to ride the train!  Luckily, she was entertained for the short 30 minutes before we could jump aboard the White Mountain Central Railroad for our ride and an encounter with the Wolfman.  If you have never been before, I won't spoil the surprise, but let's just say shooting at the Wolfman is a New England rite of passage!

All aboard!

Sooooo happy to be on the train!

Hanging out with Matthew on the train

Nick and Nathan looking for the Wolfman!

One benefit of older cousins is that you get to try out their toys!

Someone could send this to the NRA!

Of course, the highlight of the trip is the bears and the show that they put on for everyone who comes to visit.  Melissa is convinced that she is somehow the long lost Clark daughter and should be working with the bears on a daily basis!

Nick, Mimi and G check ou the bears

Pretty Tula definitely wanted to come play with us!

Hanging out with Tula

Only in New Hampshire

The Brodeur crew

Clark's has expanded over time and there were lots of new things to see and try on their grounds...

Driving the Wolfman's car

Matthew climbing up the wall

Nathan and G checking out the bumper boats

Jailbird cousins

At this point, Georgia realized that the train was still in the park and she was NOT aboard.  This was not cool in her world, so off she went with Mimi to ride the train again... and again... and again!

Since Georgia was entertained, I got to try out the Segway park...

After the baseball incident from earlier in the week, it was nice to get a helmet!

And there goes Georgia on the train!

I think I caught on pretty quickly!

Georgia took a short break from riding the train to check out the acrobat show...

And then back on the train she went!  Later, while driving home, we figured out that Georgia rode on the train for every available ride except for two that day.  One of those rides was while we were eating lunch and the other was while we were driving home!  She even managed to squeeze in a five minute nap aboard during one ride.

Before we left for the day, we had to check out the gift shop and take some photos with the "bears."  Shockingly, Georgia talked her Mimi into buying her another train for her collection!

Georgia picked out this hat for her beloved Nathan!

Think she was a little tired????

Thanks for another great trip, Clark's!  We'll be back again soon...