Friday, August 2, 2013

Boring Walls Be Gone...

Some days I forget that this blog originally started and was intended to be about our home as we built it and as we decorated it.  Yet, our little spitfire gets most of the attention these days in both blog world and in real life.  However, every summer when I'm home, I like to get a few minor projects completed.  By "minor projects," that means that I pick out some stuff and then make Nick dig out the tools so that the projects can be completed!  He loves it (insert Nick eye roll).  There are still plenty of nooks and crannies to decorate in this house and being home in the summer grants me the opportunity to stare at the walls for longer than normal and declare, "That needs a little something!"  That's typically followed by, "Nick, can you get me the measuring tape?"

Our downstairs powder room is probably is one of the most used rooms in the entire house.  Thankfully, Papa Kevin helped us liven up the room a few years back when he threw a coat of yellow paint on the walls for us since it was eye glaringly builder beige with a white toilet and pedestal sink.  The main problem is that there is absolutely zero storage in the room since it has that lovely white pedestal sink.  Therefore, our dental floss, Tums, and even the toilet cleaner are all kept in the kitchen.  Close enough, yes.  However, the band aids keep jamming in the spoon drawer and I was over that game of tug-tug-tug about a year ago!  We loved the white medicine cabinet that we installed in the Bethesda condo a few years back to help deal with our storage problems there.  Obviously, we parted ways with it when we sold the unit, but fortunately for us, the same cabinet is still for sale at Home Depot.  I picked up a floral canvas print from Kohls a few weeks back and in combination with the new medicine cabinet, the powder room is looking much more exciting these days (as "exciting" as a powder room can look)...

The new cabinet - already stocked with Tylenol, band-aids, epi-pens, etc.

Thankfully Nick didn't mind an excuse to fire up the drill for that little project.  Of course, I failed to mention to him that I may have picked up a few other things while I was out the previous day.  Oooops?

Moving onto boring wall problem #2....   We have lots and lots and lots of wall space in our master bedroom.  We've already dealt with a lot of the walls, but there are still giant walls with just small little pictures on them, not to mention the wonderful tray ceilings that I constantly google looking for ideas and inspiration.  I happened to be in Home Goods this week, which is always dangerous, and I saw the cutest little decorative shelves from Thailand.  Even better, they were on clearance.  They came fairly close to matching the wood stain on our bedroom furniture, so they made their way into our cart.  Of course, I then needed some items for the shelves, so I had to hunt around a little more in the store and I came up with some other little treasures.  I used to hate this wall, but now it may be my favorite in the entire room.  It's the last thing I see at night when I turn off my light and it's the first thing I see in the morning.  There's no better way to wake up then to see these smiling faces looking back at you...

That poor little flower picture used to occupy this whole wall all by itself.  Now it has company!

Of course, projects like this only get completed in the late PM hours after Georgia has gone to bed.  So, I had to wait until the next day to check out the new project in daylight!

Loving the new wall art

Of course, once I get started on something, I then just had to mess around with a few other areas in the master bedroom.  The area above Nick's bureau always bothers me too, so a few new little touches and moving around some items has me warming up to this area...

Tall skinny bureau + tall skinny wall = Limited options for decor

As for the other walls in the room, they're slowly coming along....

I still love our giant IKEA mirror, which just rests along this wall.  It's usually my last stop before I run out the door in the morning before work to make sure I'm fully clothed and without my skirt tucked into my underwear (yup, been there and done that!).

It's almost funny how I thought this television would be massive in the bedroom when Nick bought it before we moved into the house.  Nick almost (ALMOST) has me convinced that we need a bigger television for this wall!  If not a bigger television, I still think this wall needs something else.  My favorite part of this area is the picture on the right - our first picture together as a couple at a bar in the winter of 2006/2007.

Oh king size bed.... one day you shall be mine!  For now, Nick just rejoices that he finally got a nightstand when we moved into the new house.  I always debate changing out the picture above the bed with something more substantial, but I do love the simple black and white print from our wedding.

The official Georgia wall - it continues to grow!

Still my most favorite purchase from

The entry to our master bedroom with a few more pictures from our wedding day

We still have yet to do anything with our master bedroom sitting area, but it's on the short list.  Our plan is to eventually get a few comfortable chairs for the area.  Nick and I somehow have different definitions of "comfortable chairs."  He envisions recliners, as he points out that he is getting old and he could fall asleep in his recliner in the sitting room  I envision big puffy chairs that I could lounge around and read a book on (because that happens so often these days!).  For now, it's fairly barren.  Frankly, I'm impressed that we have window treatments in this area.

Nick's master plan involves moving the current television over here and getting a larger one for the bed area.  Yes, two televisions in one room.  I'm married to THAT guy!  It doesn't help that he mentioned that plan to one of the neighbors and was told they already have two televisions in their bedroom!

We simply refer to this area of the sitting room as "Georgia's kitchen."

Pinterest always provides me with amazing inspiration and lately I've been obsessed with doing some sort of wall treatment in this sitting room area.  Insert gigantic eye-roll from Nick right about here.  But, don't you think some board and batten walls would look amazing in here????

Idea #1

Idea #2

Idea #3

Now, I just have to convince Nick that he wants to take this on for a weekend project!!!  

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Conversations with Georgia....

While driving in the car the other day, we came upon an accident on the highway which stopped traffic.  Georgia had just been out to dinner with us and had been fabulous in a restaurant for 90+ minute.  So, I suggested that Nick give her the iPad to entertain her while we waited to get home.  A few minutes later, she started whining because a pop-up ad kept interrupting her video.  Nick tried to fix it and finally said, "I think you need to pick a new app, peanut."  And the response...


Yes, all caps were needed.  It was an all cap type of response and she meant business.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bunny Snacks for Three!

If you're "friends" with me on facebook, you may have seen a post earlier today about Georgia's favorite bunny snack (Annie's Homegrown cocoa bunny cookie, to be specific!).  Yesterday afternoon, she was upstairs with me while I framed some newer pictures for the master bedroom.  I had just put a picture of the three of us in a new frame, when I decided to put it down on the floor for a minute so I could grab the Windex from the bathroom...

I returned a minute later and I found the cutest thing...

In the thirty seconds that I was in the bathroom, Georgia had walked over to the picture and decided to share her snack with us.... all three of us!

Monday, July 29, 2013

27 Months Old...

I'm always amazed at how quickly a quarter of a year can pass by in our house.  I feel like just yesterday we were celebrating Georgia's 2nd birthday and already another 1/4 of a year has passed and she is officially 27 months old OR 2 1/4 years old.

If we were in doubt before that we had entered the "terrible two's," we are reminded every single day.  Holy Moly!!!!!  Georgia definitely has spirit.  Those NICU nurses were 100% correct about her temperament all those years ago after she was born.  We go from the highest of high's with a happy, bubbly, hugging/kissing little girl to a kicking, screaming, hitting, out of control wild woman in less than 10 seconds most days.  Like Forest Gump reminded us, life is like a box of chocolates and in our case, we never know which Georgia we are going to get!  The following video is classic toddler behavior in our house.  You would think that I did physical harm to the child.  Nope, Mommy just put a band-aid on her boo-boo.  She was not a fan.  In fact, the band-aid apparently caused a limp that lasted for about an hour.  Traumatizing.  It was easily forgotten once her BFF from next door came home and she went running up to him... without a limp!  As I lovingly refer to her sometimes - she is "my lunatic!"

I still remember Georgia's pediatrician saying that a lot of toddler tantrums are based on the fact that toddler can't communicate their feelings to us properly.  I don't necessarily think that is Georgia's problem.  This is the same child that walked up to Mimi and I last week and asked, "What are YOU talking about!??"  She is very clear about why she is angry at us most of the time.  Typically, she didn't get what she wanted or we didn't move fast enough for the pampered princess.  It's fairly common for us to hear, "I don't want X, I want Y."  This week at dinner, I heard, "I don't want a hot dog.  I want a soccer ball."  Ummm.... soccer ball is not on the dinner menu!?!?   Obviously, I stopped counting words at this point.  She routinely creates and produces 4-6 word utterances, if not longer!  Her favorite question these days is "What's that?"  We must hear that at least 20-30x per day.  We're just waiting for the "WHY????" days to begin.

New skills in the past few months:
* Georgia is starting to peddle when sitting on a bike
* She is starting to be able to blow her nose with some help
* Singing lots of different songs
* Able to tell you her first and last name when asked
* Able to tell you how old she is when asked
* She loves to skip and jump

"Bubbles Guppies" and "Finding Nemo" are still favorites around the house, but "Cars" and "Cars 2" rule the day.  Georgia loves Mater, Lightning McQueen, and the gang.  She begs to watch the movies and loves all of her action figures and books with the characters.  Interesting enough, Thomas the Train is still beloved around the house.  Georgia is loving the trains that her big cousins gave her when they came to visit and they are constantly set up in the living room these days.

Chicken nuggets, sweet potato french fries, black beans and grilled chicken are all still consumed on a regular basis around the house.   Lately, waffles and Bush's baked beans have also become quite popular items.  Freezer pops and Oreos are dessert options on the menu most nights.  And life is not complete without Enjoy Life's choco loco bars.  Pixar is releasing a new movie called "Planes" and her new favorite snack is a bag of pretzels featuring the characters from the movie!  She's been inhaling corn-on-the-cob all summer long.

Georgia loves playing outside, especially with our neighbors.  She loves to help "water the garden" and helps me pick our strawberries and check on our tomatoes everyday.  She is a great helper, when she wants to be.  As seen in a previous post, she discovered the carnival this summer.  We went to two different carnivals and she was a dare-devil both times riding on rides that I thought she would be scared to go on herself.  But, she loves speed and went on anything and everything that she could for her height range (including the rides where she needed to drag Daddy with her in order for her to get on the ride!).

Happy to wave and show off while riding the caterpillar!

Another day, another ride on Jalopy Junction!

At school, she graduated to the Bumblebees early in the summer.  Although she only goes to school two days a week during the summer, she transitioned easily on the first day and never returned to her previous class, the Ladybugs.  Of course, she reunited with a lot of her older friends in Bumblebees, so I think she was excited for the new classroom.  They focus a lot on potty training in that room, so come fall when she is full time, we expect her to be working on that skill a lot more!  She loves to use the potty at home and is asking for it more and more.

Trying to grow up too fast... quite literally wearing Mommy's shoes!

She gives the BEST hugs!

A final word from our girl... just a typical nap/bedtime concert performance these days - Georgia's rendition of "Farmer in the Dell"...