Saturday, July 20, 2013

More Mimi Fun!

Georgia continued to be spoiled-rotten by Mimi for the remainder of the week.  The week in review...

Playing in the dry pond

Since it's been a blazing hot week, we made Nick skip work on Wednesday morning so that we could all take a trip to the splash park...

Riding the turtle

Watching the action

Georgia may have hogged the turtle for quite some time and reminded everyone at the park that the turtle was "mine!"

Nick continued his fabulous chalk drawings by adding Mater to our driveway this week!

Mimi and Georgia checking out the masterpiece

Showing Jayson her new artwork

They demanded that a train be drawn and then they jumped in to ride it!

There was LOTS of pool time this week!

Georgia is going to be quite sad to wake up on Monday and find her Mimi is not in the house anymore.  She's gotten quite used to running to Mimi and ignoring us these past few weeks!  Thankfully, I got my all clear from the surgeon this week that I can return to all activities, so it's back to hauling G around town with me for the next few weeks.  Something tells me that she'll have no problem adjusting to just bossing us around again.  She lets us know each day who is really in charge in this house...

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mimi to the Rescue!

Overall, my recovery from gallbladder surgery has been fairly easy and progressing smoothly.  However, the one lingering challenge is not being "allowed" to lift up Georgia for one month. We'll see how long that lasts.  I've already been declared a horrible patient for  not following doctor's orders by several people living under my roof!

 Thankfully, Mimi flew in the day after my surgery and has been with us the past two weeks.  Poor Mimi - Georgia spends her days bossing her around and telling her what to do.  "Right here, Mimi!"  "Over there, Mimi!"  "Mimi, stop talking!"  "Help, Mimi!"  "Sit down.  Stand up.  Let go!"  Etc.  Etc.  Etc.  Even Georgia's buddy living next door yells out for help and asks for "Mimi!"  Mimi has become part maid, part sherpa, part chef, part lifeguard, and more.  

My two nurses!

"Push me, Mimi!"

"Roll it, Mimi!"

"Get in, Mimi!"

"Say hi, Mimi!"

"More water, Mimi!"

Since I feel pretty much back to normal these days, Nick and I even managed to sneak out last weekend for a quick date night!  Mimi to the rescue!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Zoo Trip...

July 2nd was one of those days that I'll definitely remember for quite awhile and for different reasons.  The beginning of the day was fabulous - in between rain showers, we managed to squeeze in a quick trip to the zoo.  By the end of the day, I was sitting in the Emergency Room!

Georgia, Nick and I took a trip to the zoo last fall, but we hadn't made it back since then.  With the Brodeurs in town, it was a great excuse to make a trip into the city to visit some of our favorite animals!

Matthew loved posing with all the statues in the zoo!

Of course, once Georgia saw her big cousin on the bear, she wanted her turn!

The weather was gray and showers loomed all day long, but we managed to stay dry most of the day until Georgia WANTED to get wet in the tidal pool...

Checking out the gorillas

But the highlight of the trip was definitely the new carousel that was installed at the zoo.  Georgia had never ridden on a ride like that before and she loved it!!

Riding with Auntie (look at that smile!!)

Fairly certain, she would have ridden all day long if we let her!

Thankfully, we made it home from the zoo before I had another gallbladder attack and finally decided that enough was enough, so Nick took me to the ER and the rest is history!  

Since I managed to get myself discharged before the 4th, I got to see some "fireworks" in action in the backyard while the kids ran around with sparklers...

Watching "the boys" and getting squished by Daddy

Georgia definitely loved having "the boys" at our house.  She constantly asks about them everyday and always thinks that they are coming down the stairs when she hears the gate slam at the top of the stairs.  She loved having Matthew and Nathan to play with everyday...

Playing on the deck with Nathan


Where did those boys go????