Saturday, June 29, 2013

Summer Review - June II...

As June wraps up and we head into July in just a few days, it's been a typical DC summer - beautiful sunny mornings and stormy afternoons. 

Georgia has been a HUGE help with feeding KC and making sure that she has enough food and water each day.  Unfortunately, Georgia also discovered KC's "toy" box.  Inside of the box was KC's leash, which we haven't used since our Grosvenor condo days.  Georgia is OBSESSED with the leash.  In fact, she wants to wear it and walk around the house.  Or, more accurately, she wants you to walk her around the house.  Apparently she wants to be a kid on a leash?!?!?

Taking a morning walk around the house!

Our "pet" drinking her milk on the deck

Just strolling around...

On Monday, Georgia and I tried at the splash park in a neighboring town.  I figured she would love it since she really enjoys our pool.  Not so much.  We managed to stay for about an hour, but Georgia was much more interested in just walking around and watching the other kids play.  She didn't want to get splashed and wasn't too excited about getting wet!  Oh well, we tried...

Hanging back from the fountains

Wandering around

Not a fan of that yellow bracelet!

Trying out the slide

Turning on the water

On Tuesday morning, Georgia and I went blueberry picking with some of my co-workers and their friends.  She loved picking the berries off the shrubs and putting them all in the bucket.  But that didn't even compare to the tractor ride to the field.  I think she would have stayed on the wagon all day long just riding back and forth!

Georgia's been loving the new Nemo sticker book that was delivered in a package from Mimi and Papa...

Back to the pool for more fun on a sunny afternoon...

We've also managed to squeeze in time to take in a few kids concerts in the area and, of course, squeeze in plenty of playtime with our favorite neighbors!

Dancing away

Roaming around the neighborhood

Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer Review - June...

Georgia and I have officially been on summer vacation for two weeks now.  The days are flying by, but we've had lots of fun with friends, at the pool, and trying out new activities around town!

We had a cooler than normal spring around here and it's just recently warmed up to the DC we know and love - hot, hazy and humid.  We hit up the pool for the first time last weekend and Georgia immediately showed us that she is going to be a water bug this summer!

Swimming with Daddy

Chasing her boat

Last Saturday, Georgia went for her first ride on the metro.  We headed downtown for the annual DC BBQ festival.  She was a much bigger fan of the above ground stations and all she could see from the elevated tracks.  Once underground in the tunnels, she wasn't as excited.  

Checking out the view

Her head was on a swivel the entire time!

Pointing out all the cars

It was blazing hot downtown last weekend, but Georgia was excited to see all the sights along Pennsylvania Avenue.  While Nick waited in line to sample food at the Battle of the Military Chefs (Go Navy - amazing mango chicken!!!), Georgia discovered the NBA tent...

Comparing her size 5 toddler shoes to Lebron James' size 16!

We would walk back over to check on Nick's progress in line, but then Georgia would sprint back to the shoe station again... and again... and again!

Running down Pennsylvania Avenue

You would think that she would have been wiped out by the time we took the train home???  Nope, not our girl.  9pm and wide awake and having a party on the train!

Rocking her Wounded Warriors tattoo!

Part 2 of our June summer review coming tomorrow...

Monday, June 24, 2013

Who Needs a Lift?

Our nightly walks start the same way - Georgia riding in the wagon.  But a few streets down the block, usually she wants to jump out and walk.  It's amazing how big she has gotten over the past year.  Now, she's strong enough to pull her own wagon (albeit, now very far) down the street...