Saturday, June 22, 2013

She's a Party Animal!

Georgia and I met Nick for dinner earlier in the week at her FAVORITE Mexican restaurant.  It's loud, there is always a ton of people and Georgia absolutely loves watching the action!



It was a beautiful summer night here in Maryland, so we decided to walk around outside for awhile.  The shopping center has lots of restaurants, stores, fountains, and a giant man-made lake.  Georgia was beyond excited when she spotted a kiddie train circling around the area.  A few dollars later and guess who was riding the train?!?!  Georgia thought she was in a parade and waved to everyone we passed like she was Miss America...

Happy girl!



Of course, just as entertaining as the train was a fountain...

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dinner Conversations...

Dinner is quite entertaining these days...





Hats! Hats! Hats!

Nick and I bought Georgia a new summer hat while we were in New Orleans a few weeks ago.  So, we all modeled our hats this weekend...

New hat!

Daddy and Georgia wearing their hats at lunch

Mommy and Georgia's hats


Monday, June 17, 2013

First Day of Summer!!!

It's official - school is out for summer vacation!  With me being home all summer, Georgia is only going to daycare a few days a week.  Today was our first day home and we managed to entertain ourselves the entire day with lots of fun activities...

Playing t-ball in the front yard

We also spent a good deal of time watering all the plants and flowers around the house.  Georgia helped me give the hydrangea some extra water.  After a few years of being in the ground, it looks like it might finally flower!  As Nick says, "we've nursed everything else back to life, why not the hydrangea!"  Of course, the deer are doing their best to kill all the plants in the yard, but everyone is hanging in right now.

Our strawberry plant is doing fabulous and our tomato plant is starting to really take off.  Georgia loves helping to pick our daily strawberries...

Thank goodness for the Target $1 aisle.  Georgia and I entertained ourselves for an hour just making our foam animals...

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

We're lucky enough to have a fabulous Daddy around this house.  Last night, we discovered another one of his hidden skills - chalk drawing!!!

So proud of her Bubble Puppy!