Saturday, April 13, 2013

White House Easter Egg Roll 2013 - We're In!

Since we arrived nice and early for the Easter Egg Roll, we managed to get a primo spot at the front of the line for our time slot.  We waited patiently for almost two hours before we got the green light to head on in.  Immediately, people started heading to various activities - the actual egg roll, the concert stage, the book reading area, etc.  Since we were in the front, we decided to brave the already forming line at the egg roll.  I had read horror stories about people waiting in line for hours, so we figured we might as well try to get in line early and see if the line moved quickly.  

I grabbed a spot in line while Nick and Georgia wandered a bit.  There were lots of characters walking around from PBS shows and a variety of other kid friendly networks, as well as the Easter bunny!

My view of the White House from my place in line for the egg roll

Presidential seal on the White House

Moving up closer in line!

Attempting to get a picture of Georgia and I in front of the White House.  She must have been impressed because she refused to look away!

Luckily, we didn't have to wait long in line and before we knew it, it was our turn to roll the egg!  

The group in front of us rolling their eggs

And we're off...

Trying to teach Georgia how to use the giant spoon to roll the egg while she screams "MINE!" at me and whips the spoon away!

Rolling, rolling, rolling

Well, we're definitely losing this race!  But, we're having fun!

And here is where I thought, "Oh geez, please don't touch the egg - I really don't want to administer an epi-pen on the South Lawn of the White House!"

She thinks the spoon is going home with her!

Almost there!!

Wahoo - we made it!!!

Taking a break after a long roll!!!

Next up... The Obama family joins the party!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

White House Easter Egg Roll 2013 - The Wait...

In early March, we entered into the lottery to win tickets to the annual White House Easter Egg Roll.  When I say "we" entered, I mean "we" entered everyone we knew into the lottery to increase the odds of winning tickets!  I read somewhere that 300,000 people entered the lottery and 30,000 won tickets.  Luckily, and thanks to my mom's entry, we won tickets.  

We awoke at dawn on the Monday after Easter and headed into the city for the roll.  I researched and googled for days before the event trying to figure out what we should wear, what time we should get there, where we should park, etc.  However, little information seemed to be out there to answer these questions.  So, we left super early and decided to brave Monday morning traffic into the city vs taking the metro into the city.  Overall, great decision in the end because we loved having the car after the day's events were done and I couldn't imagine having to sit on the metro to get home after a long day.  We were totally exhausted by the time we climbed into the car to go home.

We got downtown around 8am and parked at a public parking garage right near the White House.  We immediately got in line for our designated entry time (9:45am-11:45am) along with lots of other early birds.  We came prepared with lots of snacks and the iPad to entertain Georgia while we waited in line.  We were not alone in that decision - lots of idevices being passed around to the children waiting in line.  Arriving early worked out well for us because we ended up at the front of the line.  Over the next two hours, we were moved from one holding area to the next while we passed through security and onto the next holding area.  It was sort of the Disney philosophy - as long as they kept you moving from one area to the next, the time seemed to pass quickly and you were never in one area for too long.  I was nervous about getting through security because I had read not to bring large bags with you, but with a toddler... you need a large bag!  Surprisingly, we had no difficulty getting through security with our diaper bag.  The waiting passed quickly (for the adults), but Georgia was ready to go!!!!

Waiting in one of our holding areas with the White House off in the distance

Starting the morning off with winter coats!

Not impressed by the next holding area on the side of the White House

Daring security to stop her!

Next up... We get in!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Easter Sunday...

On Easter Sunday, Georgia woke up in a FOUL mood.  It was a long day with minimal smiles, especially at brunch in the morning!  Apparently she didn't get the memo that Easter is a FUN holiday!!!  Her teeth were obviously bothering her most of the day and she just wasn't her usual self.  It didn't stop her from finding all of her Easter treats.

Checking out her Easter basket

Checking out the peeps before I discovered that she couldn't eat them.  I had read that Peeps were allergy safe, but the box said "may contain dairy," so they became an Easter treat for Daddy instead.

Daddy loved Georgia's new princess brush and carrot bubble necklace!

We survived the morning, but brunch was an entirely different story.  Georgia just didn't want to sit in her chair and instead wanted to sit on Mimi's lap the entire time.  Unfortunately, she had no interest in actual eating, so when our food arrived, she was bored and not even the iPhone could entertain her.  So, we inhaled brunch and made a quick escape with a screaming and flailing toddler in our arms.  You know it is bad when the restaurant doesn't even offer you a peek at the dessert menu and is more than happy to see you to the door!

At least she shared her pretzel sticks!

A few giggles!

Luckily, after a nap, Georgia woke up with an improved attitude and she was very excited to go on an Easter egg hunt!  Unfortunately, it was raining out, so our hunt had to take place indoors.  It took her a few minutes to figure out the whole deal with finding eggs, but once she caught on, she was off and running.  Needless to say, we ended up having several hunts that afternoon!

Hunting up some eggs

Eggs filled with Fruit Loops!

Not sure who had more fun --- G or Nick!

Hmmmm... thinking about where to find the next egg!

So excited to find another egg!

Happy to show Mimi all of her eggs

Checking out her loot

First lollipop!

If an Easter egg hunt wasn't exciting enough, then she opened her Easter presents from Mimi...

Checking out her new backpack

Trying on her new backpack

Checking out her backpack contents

And a new puppy purse!!

Even a week later, the Easter egg hunting continues at our house.  The game never grows old!!!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Georgia - 23 month (Part B)

Wow - 23 months.   I'd ask where has the time gone, but this month it seems as thought most of our time has been spent dealing with screaming temper tantrums.  Granted, the poor child is currently getting 8 teeth at one time.  Yup, that's right - every single tooth left in her mouth is coming in... all at one time.  Talk about fun times.  The poor thing howls in pain and grabs at her mouth all the time, even with round the clock Tylenol and Orajel.  However, it's also made her a very unpleasant person to be around this month.  You know it is bad when even daycare has complained about her attitude lately and she is usually an angel there!

Other highlights from the month include...
* Georgia has well over 300 words at this point.  She talks non-stop these days!  New favorites include, "My turn!" (usually while she already has the item she wants), "I did it!". "I got it!", and our her newest exclamation - "Awesome!!!"  She has been talking about "eggs" all month long thanks to Easter.  We have daily egg hunts several times a day in the house.  She also loves to scream, "Listen!" whenever she hears a noise like an airplane.  She demands, "cream" and "itchy" all the time now.  Things are also "scary" now and she will tell you, "I scared!"  We hear "Oops!" and "Oh no!" dozens of times each day.

* She still loves to look at books and asks, "What's that?" at least a million times on each page, even though she already knows the name of the item she is pointing to.  As soon as you ask her, "What's that?" she will tell you.  She's also a fan of "What happened?" and "Where x go?"

* Georgia loves watching Giggle Bellies songs on Youtube.  We downloaded a bunch to the tv and she will scream "Again, Again!" after they finish every time.  Luckily, I use them each morning so she will stay still while I do her hair.

* She count now count to 10, but she prefers to skip 4 & 5 most of the time.  We are fairly certain that she has sung the alphabet the whole way through on multiple occasions and my Mom asked about that when she was just here, because she thought she heard her sing the entire thing too.  She can identify most letters these days (thank you, iPad!) and is starting to learn letter-sound correspondence.

* Favorite foods are currently her beloved chicken nuggets, her fake mac-n-cheese, Oreos, coconut milk yogurt, coconut milk ice cream bars, pasta, asparagus (not cut up - whole stalks that she inhales!), broccoli, sausage, pretzel sticks, animal crackers, Rice Krispies, and Fruit Loops.

* Georgia took her first trip to the White House!  (A future post on this is coming soon!!)

* She loves to cuddle before bed now and will sometimes pass up book time in order to just "cuddle!"

* Favorite toys include the iPad, her shopping cart, her wagon/bike (as the weather warms back up), chalk in the driveway, Violet, the leftover Easter eggs, stickers, coloring with crayons/chalk/markers, drum/drumstick, bubbles, and anything that Nick or I are interested in looking at! 

It's hard to believe she turns 2 at the end of the month... and finally gets to turn around in the car!