Saturday, December 14, 2013

Snow Day Fun...

Last weekend, it snowed in Maryland.  This is a big deal for several reasons... 
A.) It hasn't snowed here (like, REALLY snowed here in a few years)
B.) They have no idea how to pre-treat the roads, deal with the aftermath or even figure out how to properly drive the plows!
C.) It closes school!!!

So, Georgia and I ended up with not one, but two snow days last week!!  WAHOO!  It wasn't an amazing amount of snow and certainly couldn't even compare to the blizzards we got several years ago, but it was enough to go out and play.

Beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

I ran to the grocery store in the morning and when I got home, my two favorite snow bunnies were out playing...

Trying to catch snowflakes on her tongue

Attempting to make a snow angel





Hopefully we'll have lots more snow to come this winter!

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