Monday, December 9, 2013


Last weekend, I surprised Nick and Georgia with tickets to ICE! at National Harbor.  Nick and I had previously gone before Georgia was born, but we hadn't ventured into the freezing adventure since Georgia was born.  I figured she was old enough this year to actually appreciate the pretty ice sculptures and enjoy the experience.  I fully can admit when I'm WRONG!!!  Georgia wanted no part of the big bulky coat that you put on to go into ICE! and she went downhill from there.  We took some pictures that don't fully document the horror, but I barely remember anything except us making a very quick exit from the tent!!

Not pleased with her coat

She did, at least, seem intrigued by all the colorful ice...

Checking out some frozen presents

I love her face in this attempt at a family selfie --- Obviously impressed by something up there!

Flashback to 2009 and 2010....same hats, minus an unborn Georgia!


Pregnant at ICE! in 2010

Nick and Georgia did manage to go down a few slides before Miss Priss decided that waiting in lines was not for her (she's going to be a joy at Disney World!)...

Heading down the ice slide

The one section that she really seemed to enjoy was the Christmas in NY section.  We'll have to plan a family trip to NYC one of these days - Georgia enjoys anything NY - the Rockefeller Christmas tree, the Rockettes, etc.  She'd love the shopping, that's for sure!

Checking out the "snow" on the houses (note that she ditched the big overcoat!)

Driving the taxi with Daddy

So we didn't last inside ICE! too long, but after a quick time-out and snack, Georgia rallied for the rest of the night.  Thank goodness for coco loco bars from Enjoy Life!  It's not the first time that they've saved the day for us.  Georgia will always gobble one down and they seem to boost her sugar level enough so that she magically transforms back into her old happy self and not the monster toddler that she shows us every now and again.  

Once our normal girl was back to her happy self, we explored the Gaylord National Resort and killed some time before the Christmas tree lighting and fireworks that were planned for later that evening.

Having a few moments to herself to regroup!

Checking out the floating tree inside the convention center on Daddy's shoulders

Always trust a toddler to find the least interesting thing in the area to be the most fascinating to them.  With all the beautiful things to see and do in the hotel, Georgia was most intrigued by the carpet in the hotel lobby.  Yup, the carpet.  For some reason, she thought the pattern on the rug looked like train tracks, so we spent almost 30 minutes just watching her crawl around the (very busy) hotel lobby.  People must really be in the Christmas spirit because groups of people would just stop in their tracks and happily watch her.  Even the hotel staff was completely entertained by Georgia's antics.

Mommy just smiles, takes a picture of herself, and figures all is well in the world since her daughter isn't screaming bloody murder and seems to be enjoying herself in a beautiful hotel lobby!

Eventually the kid wore herself out.  Just take a quick nap on that marble floor!!

Just a tease - back up and ready to go!

Before we knew it, the time had passed quickly and it was time to head down to the river to watch the fireworks!  These were Georgia's first fireworks, so we weren't sure if she would be a fan or not.  Luckily, she's gotten used to "seeing" fireworks at the beginning of Disney movies when they launch over Cinderella's castle, so she was thrilled to see them in real life.  She is still talking about them - "they go boom!"

A chilly night along the Potomac

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