Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Gingerbread Success!

About 99% of the time, we are able to work around Georgia's allergies with absolutely no problem.  The other 1% of the time is really tough.  The fact that she misses out on simple life experiences like going to get a soft-serve ice cream on a warm summer day absolutely devastates me (yes, I know she could get a sorbet and no, it is NOT the same!).  So, whenever I can substitute something and make sure she gets to experience an event/flavor/food that other kids get to have, I don't care the cost, the hassle, the baking challenge, etc.  Since we avoid dairy, peanut and raw egg, we sometimes have to get creative around here.

A few weeks ago, I saw a post on a food allergy blog about a safe gingerbread house kit.  Ummm... yes, please!!   Every year, I dread Nick's holiday work party because it is a "family event" and they have a great kids room set up with all sorts of fun projects - mostly involving food.  Mostly involving food that my kid can't eat, nevertheless touch!   Last year, I was helicopter-mother-of-the-year as Nick decorated a gingerbread man for Georgia while she "watched" (aka - kept attempting to touch everything while he slapped her hand away) and while I stalked the catering company trying to find out ingredients for the frosting, candies, and so on.  So, when I saw that A&J Bakery sold an allergy friendly gingerbread  house kit, I whipped out my Visa and ordered one for us.

**Aside - I didn't get paid for this endorsement!  I'm just a happy Momma!**

Our kit arrived a few days later and I couldn't wait to put it together with Georgia.

Of course, the engineer in our family quickly had to take over for us girls!  Confession time - I had never made a gingerbread house!!!  The large gingerbread pieces were already baked and ready to go, so I whipped up some safe frosting while Nick applied the "glue" and Georgia played with the little toys/decorations that came with the kit.

Helping Daddy with the construction

Checking out the progress

Like in everyday life, after Daddy helped with the heavy lifting, Mommy took over for the decorating piece of the project...

Georgia's favorite part of the project was the candy.  Jelly beans, gumdrops, lollipops - oh my!  Knowing everything was safe for her to touch and taste was a lifesaver.  

We may not have made the prettiest gingerbread house in history, but it's safe and that's all that matters to us!!

I may need to work on my frosting recipe - this one was a tad.... runny????

Someone enjoyed the lollipop more than the actual construction!

I was pretty proud of our little project!

And Georgia loves to look at it everyday and maybe take a lick or two from the frosting!

Georgia and her house

Hmmm... just a tiny taste.


A big check off the list for holiday decorating and for Georgia getting to fully participate in the fun!

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