Monday, December 16, 2013

Donuts with Daddy!

Since we had some nice, long, leisurely mornings due to our snow days last week, Nick took advantage of one of those days and made homemade donuts with Georgia one morning.  He used to make donuts with his dad and brother when he was a kid, so he was happy to have the same tradition with Georgia.  Even better... buttermilk biscuit mix doesn't actually contain any dairy products, so it was Georgia-safe to eat!

Georgia loves to help us cook these days, especially when the big mixer is involved.  We've found that the easiest way for her to see up onto the counter is to drag out the step ladder.  Turned backwards, it is the perfect little step stool for her.  Bonus - when turned around, she can hold onto the rail!  

Holding onto a raw biscuit while Daddy preps the sugar and cinnamon mixture

She was so excited to help Daddy.  This might be one of my new favorite pictures...

Ready to make donuts in her Santa jammies

Of course, the best part about making donuts is EATING the donuts!

Sporting some powdered sugar on her pajamas

Getting covered in sugar and cinnamon!

Instagram pic of the day...

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