Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas Prep 2013...

I love Christmas. Not, just love like some people love it.  I LOVE CHRISTMAS!  I would shout it from the mountain tops if I could.  It is absolutely 100% my most favorite day of the year.  In fact, I love the whole month.  What is not to love - good food, family/friends, presents, my birthday, decorations, lights, shopping, fun events, parties, drinks, etc.  LOVE IT ALL!

Since it's a short holiday season with Thanksgiving being late this year, we decided to put up our tree fairly early.  And by "we," I mean that I bullied Nick into helping me set it up early!

As always, we had some new ornaments this year.  We typically buy an ornament while on vacation or while doing "special activities" that mean something to our little family.  The new additions this year include...

Our bear ornament from our first trip to Clark's Trading Post this summer

In honor of Georgia's 1st movie in the theater - Dusty from "Planes"

Nick and I bought this ornament on Bourbon Street during our NOLA trip to celebrate his 35th birthday last spring

Georgia has been loving the tree this year.  She helped put on all the ornaments and "helps" with moving them all around.  She loves to try and put all the ornaments on the same branch.  Thank goodness for carpet!!

Checking out her tree in her jammies

"Helping" move around ornaments

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