Sunday, November 17, 2013

Summers Farm... Again!

Since Nick and Georgia enjoyed themselves so much on her recent field trip to Summers Farm, we decided to sneak in a quick family trip up there before they closed for the season.  November granted us a beautiful sunny day a few weeks back, so we took advantage of a rare warm day and rode up to Frederick so I could check out this place!

First stop when we got there... the amazing Jumping Pillows...

Mimi definitely scored the best pictures of the day.  Or, at least, the best pictures of my hair!!

Entertaining Georgia with my old gymnastic moves!

Now that's some volume!

Our bouncing didn't last very long because Georgia spotted the "train."  It doesn't run during the week while field trip groups are at the farm, so she was so excited to get a chance to ride it.  Luckily, the farm was pretty empty, so she got to ride it several times before we convinced her to let some other kids have a turn!

The family that rides together...

Apparently we were the only "crazy family" enjoying the ride!

Of course, Miss Independent, kicked us out and wanted to ride all by herself...

All grown up

No hands!

Loving life!

We spent the rest of the morning checking out all the fun adventures that the farm had to offer...

Peeking into the pumpkin

Relaxing in the big rocker

And, of course, we hit up the slides!

While Georgia kept pumping water with Mimi, Nick and I decided to try our luck at the apple cannons!

We definitely love this farm - it's perfect for toddlers/small kids. If anyone in the DC/MD area is looking for a fun farm with some unique entertainment options for the kiddies, check them out!

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