Saturday, November 30, 2013

Old Friends and New Memories...

A few weekends ago, we were lucky enough to have some visitors in our house - my friend, Kelly, from UCONN, came down to visit with her boyfriend.  Of course, we had to plan a Theta reunion while she was in town, so we also had Kate and her husband up to the house and we decided to have a giant slumber party!!!  Old friends are the best.  I can't believe I've known these amazing ladies for over 15 years now.

Kelly hadn't been to Georgetown before, so we spent a gray afternoon wandering around and exploring the section of the city where Nick and I met in November of 2006 (eeek - how many years ago was that now?!?!).  Georgia immediately took to KK!  

Selfie with KK

KK's a natural - love the death grip she has on the back of Georgia's shirt as they watch the boats along the Potomac!

While in Georgetown, we had to stroll along up to Georgetown Cupcakes.  As we were walking, Kelly immediately recognized the owners walking along M Street on their way to the store.  So, we had to pose in front of the store windows, especially when we spotted one of the owners inside again (they are local celebs since they have their own show on TLC)...

Even thought Kel still lives in CT, we've been lucky enough to get together every few years since graduation in 2001...

Summer of 2012 in Connecticut for a sorority reunion

At our wedding back in 2009 with Kate and Jen

Meeting up with the girls for brunch in NYC while my "boyfriend" Nick and I were in the city for the weekend

Touring the new UCONN Theta house in 2006 with Melissa and Melanie

Thank goodness all the older pics are not online and are good ole printed photos from back in the day!!

Back to the present day...

Kate and Chan joined us at the house for dinner and a sleepover on Saturday night, which involved the usual shenanigans - food, alcohol, the firepit, spilled beverages, the wet vac, and all the usual nuttiness that goes along with getting us all together for a good time!

Silly G loving being the center of attention with KK and Kate

Georgia has been very big into everyone holding hands lately... she even made Nick and Kate join her chain!

Tickled by Kate

We kept being distracted while attempting to take a group photo because Georgia would run over and want to be in the "girl" photo, except she didn't want to be picked up, so picture a mini-G standing next to us in this photo...

While the girls were busy taking a selfie, a scream emerged from the living room.  The boys were attempting to teach Georgia how to throw and she was successful... in knocking over a glass filled with a pomegranate champagne cocktail... on my tan rug!  It's amazing how quick the boys scrambled on that occasion - grabbing paper towels, mopping up, my husband (aka - McGyver) grabbing the wet vac to suck up the problem, etc. 

Nick and Simon hard at work while Chan feigns innocence in the incident

We wrapped up the night with Baileys, cider and s'mores out by the firepit, a movie in the man-cave, and a lazy Sunday morning brunch.  A perfect weekend in my mind.  Chan even declared our house worthy of a Yelp review, even if we were missing Nutella from the cupboard.  There's always a next time!

So in the spirit of Thanksgiving week... I am thankful for fabulous friends!

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