Monday, November 11, 2013

Halloween 2013

Halloween turned out to be a dark, spooky, stormy night here in Maryland.  The forecasters kept saying that the rain was going to hold off until after trick-or-treating, but it wasn't quite the case.  Luckily, it was warmer than average, so it made for a nice night to be walking the streets of the neighborhood. 

Although Georgia went out to "trick or treat" last year, she didn't quite GET the point of it.  This year was a whole different story.  It helped that she had some older girls to help guide her on her way, but even without them, she quickly declared, "NEXT HOUSE!!" after each porch visited.

Our neighborhood starts off the festivities with a parade around the clubhouse/pool area.  Mimi landed just in time to join us for our night begging for candy in the hood...

Ready to trick-or-treat

Parading around in her wagon

And then the real pandemonium began!  Kids were running from house to house and Georgia did a great job just trying to keep up with the big kids.  Although she didn't want to say "trick or treat" to many people, she was very polite in saying "thank you!" to all the people giving out candy.  Everyone loved her Carebear costume.  Luckily, the rain held out for a long time and just started out with a refreshing sprinkle.  However, by the end of our night, it was pouring down rain.

Happy as could be trick-or-treating with Daddy

Off and running to the next house!

Up and down lots of steps all night long

I ran into our house so that the final house Georgia could get a treat from was our own house.  She literally ran up the driveway screaming, "I'm coming, Mama!!"  

By the time Georgia got in the house, she was more of a wet, matted bear and she kept telling us, "I got wet!"  Of course, the first order of business with a food allergy kiddo on Halloween is to dump her pumpkin bucket and sort out the safe candy from the bad.  Luckily, she is still little and didn't realize what Daddy and I were doing with her bucket while Mimi distracted her with other goodies that she brought her.  About 90% of the candy went into the "bad" pile - anything chocolate or with nuts.  She did get a few safe candies - skittles, starburst, smarties, twizzlers, etc.  I had also bought a big bag of safe candy for her, so we swapped out some candies and promptly gave her back her bucket.  And boy did she protect it!!!!


Overall, we were amazed with how well Georgia did with Halloween.  There were no meltdowns, she was happy, and she had a blast.  When she has a blast, we have a blast!

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