Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fall Festival at School...

Last Friday was Georgia's fall festival at school.  It was her first opportunity to check out her Halloween 2013 costume...

Meet the Care Bear!

It was so hard to find a good costume for her this year because she tends to like a lot of "boy" shows and toys - trains, cars, ocean, etc.  I searched and searched for a cute Nemo outfit, but never found one.  I finally spotted this Care Bear costume on Kohls website and since she loves her collection of pink stuffed bears, this was the winner!

Bonus feature - the costume was nice and warm!

As part of their school festivities, all the kids parade around the parking lot.  So, we lined up and got ready to march....

Clutching one of her beloved pink stuffed bears

Ready to march... or be carried... by Daddy!

Someone was definitely not in the mood to parade - she just wanted to be carried along the route!

At least I got a workout hauling around a 30 pound bear!

After the parade, it was time to chow down on party food!  Georgia had a blast with all her friends from her class.

The nice part about having the school's fall festival the week before Halloween is that it allows us to spread out all the costume, candy and celebrating fun over a few different weeks!

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