Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Disney on Ice!

After Halloween, Georgia had another special surprise awaiting her - we had tickets to a Disney on Ice show in Baltimore.  Nick had to work, so Mimi, Georgia and I headed up to see the show.  Georgia must have remembered what a "show" was from her Sesame Street experience because she immediately realized what was going on when we walked into the arena.  She practically dragged Mimi to our seats.  She didn't even want to see any of the merchandise - she just wanted to sit down!  

Interestingly, Georgia just became aware of Mickey and all of his friends recently.  She just started to watch the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show on the Disney Channel and her first princess friend is definitely Ariel from "The Little Mermaid."  When Ariel came out, Georgia started screaming, "I watch you!!"  I bought her a pack of Disney princess socks a few weeks ago and Georgia now loves to pick out which princess she wants to wear on her feet these days.  

We knew that Georgia was enjoying the show because she didn't blink... ever!  When intermission came along, she cried thinking that the show was over!  Of course, she jumped at the opportunity to buy a souvenir when Mimi offered.

Ready for the show

Georgia's excitement about Disney definitely spread to the entire family.  We got home and told Nick how excited she was about seeing some of her favorite characters.  Within a few days of the show, we booked our first family vacation to Disney World in Florida for spring break in April!!!  And so it starts...

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