Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dance Recital - Part 1!

When Georgia's daycare offered a dance class to students this fall, we immediately enrolled our little ballerina since she loves music and loves to dance all around the house.  It may have brought memories for Mommy too since I danced for years and years as a little girl.   Unfortunately, on the first day of classes, we received notice that there weren't enough 2 year old students enrolled in Georgia's class.  BUT... the dance teacher offered to let her attend class with the 3 year old group.  Needless to say, every Monday, Georgia was very excited to dance with the big girls!  So, I went online and ordered the smallest little leotard I could find online and went through her closet until I found a tutu that her Auntie Melissa had bought her last year and off to dance class she went each week.

Nick and I joked that we had absolutely no idea what she learned week after week because she would tell us nothing about the class!  Her classroom teachers reported that she was beyond excited to go to class each week and would tell all the other kids, "I gotta go dance!"  So, when we got the invite to attend her final class for their "recital," we jumped at the chance to see what she learned over the past 8 weeks.  Of course, we figured Georgia would completely ignore the teacher and just pay attention to us while we observed her class.  We were beyond shocked when instead, she completely ignored us and followed the teacher's direction during the entire class!  In fact, she was one of the only students who seemed to hang onto every word the teacher said.  We were beyond impressed.  

Politely waiting for class to start

Dancing away

Practicing her moves

Demonstrating her ballet feet

Something was funny when it came to showing us her ballerina arms

Showing her proud Daddy the trophy she got for participating in the dance class

And then hilarity ensued when little Miss Georgia decided, out of the blue, to hike up her tutu and spend the rest of the class dancing with it halfway to her neck!

Practicing her jumping with Miss Paige

The real cuteness is in the videos.  I'm still editing, but look for the second half of this post in the next few days!

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