Thursday, November 7, 2013

1st Field Trip...

Georgia's class had their first official field trip a few weeks back.  Since it was during the week, Nick took the morning off and chaperoned Georgia to the farm.  Although it was a sunny day, it was FREEZING in the morning, so I bundled Georgia up in a few layers and sent them both off to Summers Farm for the day.  We had never been to that farm, so we weren't sure what to expect, but the kids and adults had a blast!

Nick kept sending me pictures and videos from their morning adventures since he knew I was having some "Mommy guilt" over being at work vs having fun with them on Georgia's 1st official school field trip...


Hayride with Daddy

Driving the school bus


Playing in the corn


Picking pumpkins

And some videos from the day...

The highlight of my day was receiving the following video with a warning text from Nick that read, "Don't judge my parenting skills based on these - she is LOVING it!"  

**Warning - if you get seasick, this may not be the video for you!**

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