Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wild & Crazy Weekend...

Yup, you read that title correctly.  Thanks to a visit from Mimi a few weekends ago, Nick and I were able to have a wild and crazy weekend.  Well, as "wild and crazy" as we get these days.  We not only got to go out to dinner two nights in a row, but we caught up with friends, got to see a movie, went to the grocery store without Georgia (only parents can appreciate how wonderful this opportunity really is!) and even went to a local wine festival.  Needless to say, we were absolutely exhausted by Monday morning.  That's a total lie.  We were wiped out by Sunday evening.  When Mimi headed to the airport to head back to MA, we may have put on a movie for Georgia and collapsed on the couch in utter exhaustion.

Check out Georgia's new Georgia football jersey in these pictures.  A friend of Papa Kevin's sent it to him from the state of Georgia to give to Georgia, as well as a new hat for Nick.  Thanks, Dan!!  Georgia thinks it is beyond cool that her shirt has her name on it!

Modeling her new shirt and Daddy's new hat

Mimi and G

She is quite the rock star!

Thank you, Zulily, for offering a "I Love My Mimi" t-shirt recently.  I couldn't wait for Georgia to show Mimi her new t-shirt.  We can never find anything with "Mimi" on it!

On Saturday evening, Nick and I headed out for our 2nd "date night" of the weekend at Seasons 52.  We had an amazing meal (Nick loved it so much, he brought back his coworkers for lunch later in the week) and greatly enjoyed a leisurely dinner that did not include an active toddler trying to grab everything on the table!

Date night #2

Since we were living it up, we also hit up another new restaurant nearby to grab a drink.  Nick made an impulsive (and regrettable) decision to order a rum sampler.  You know you're old when you have to order a coke to go with your rum!  Thankfully my white sangria went down much more smooth.  And since we were on a roll, we then headed into downtown Bethesda to try out the new Max Brenner.  Unfortunately, it was not the highlight of the evening.  We love the NYC restaurant and couldn't wait to try the local branch.  However, it ended with us tweeting the company to let them know how disappointing an experience it was at their newest location.  Service was atrocious and we waited over an hour after ordering our fondue to ever even see a server!  People were getting up and leaving left and right.  No one was clearing/cleaning tables and I even debated donning an apron and helping out at one point. However, again, we embraced the fact that we were childless and had no place to be and Mimi babysitting back at the house.  So, we watched the chaos, enjoyed the warm evening breeze from our sidewalk table, and reminisced about our last Max Brenner experience in NYC back before we were even married!

My handsome date.

Up next.... we smash some grapes (literally)... 

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