Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Our Little Reader...

Georgia absolutely loves books!  She is more than happy to spend hours flipping through books, especially if they have animals, Cars, Nemo, etc. in them.  This week, she got her first ever chapter book in the mail from Papa Kevin!  She was so excited that she ran around the house chasing KC screaming, "Let's read!" and "Read it to me!"  Shockingly, the cat responded by hiding in the basement for several hours. 

 At night, she pretends to read her chapter book and flips through the pages repeating words/phrases that she has heard us read to her.  "Peter Rabbit!  Peter Rabbit" she mumbles repeating the first words of the book over and over again.  Recently she's even been kicking Nick out of the chair since she wants to read on her own!  

Going through her package from Papa

Reading her book

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