Saturday, October 19, 2013

Oktoberfest 2013

A few weekend ago we experienced a bizarre, yet amazing, weekend of warm weather.  Well, maybe not so much warm as hot, hot, hot.  My mom was here visiting and we all ran around all weekend in our shorts and t-shirts.  You may have noticed in the last post that Georgia was rocking a t-shirt/shorts and I was wearing a tank dress out to dinner on Saturday evening.  It was THAT warm!

During that weekend, a neighboring town held their annual Oktoberfest.  We decided to head out early and hit up the festival.

First stop, the rides...

Loving the airplane ride!

Not quite sure what to do in the ballpit

We were there only a few minutes when we spotted some familiar faces!  Georgia was more than happy to jump back on the airplanes and take a spin with Bennett...

After their pilot licenses expired, we wandered on over to look at the fire trucks, ambulance, and big trucks parked in the field...

Driving the fire truck

Georgia was MOST excited about checking out the big tractor trailer.  She loves Mack from "Cars" and keeps telling us that she got to drive Mack...

The festival was great - lots of vendors, wine tasting, a biergarten, and good food.  We stayed for a few hours and were sweating by the time we headed home for nap time.  Amazingly enough, we even pulled out the water table that afternoon for the first time since the summer.  Georgia and the neighbors loved getting soaking wet in the warm afternoon sun.  

Oktoberfest felt more like August-fest this year, but we'll take it!

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