Sunday, October 6, 2013

Can You Tell Me How To Get....

We were so excited last weekend for Georgia's first "show" experience - Sesame Street Live!!  We bought the tickets months and months ago back in the spring, but we weren't sure how she would like it or even if she would make it through the show.  She's easily entertained by the television, iPad, etc., but she'd never been in a live show type of environment.  

The good news - she liked it!

The best news - she loved it!!

From the moment we walked into the venue, her head was on a pivot whipping back and forth to check out all the action and sights.

High five to Daddy!

Looking toward the stage in amazement!

Screaming HELLO at Elmo!!

Our seats were absolutely amazing.  I had gotten an email special early in the year, so I bought whatever the best seats were at the time - who knew they were going to be 2nd row smack in the middle?!?

Loving the streamers that were shot from the stage

My blue-eyed loves

No show is complete without a toy souvenier or two!  Georgia just had to have a new Elmo spinning toy and a gigantic Elmo balloon.  One of my favorite pictures from the day was this shot I took of Georgia with her new Elmo spinning toy.  She was so in awe of it!

Heading home and clutching an Elmo in each hand

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