Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Grumpy Ballerina...

Now that Georgia is in the 2 year-old class at daycare, she has a few options for extracurricular activities at school.  We looked over the options - yoga, dance, and karate and decided that dance was the way to go.  The brochure described the 2 year-old class as more of a intro to tumbling/dance and since Miss G loves her somersaults and rockin' out to a good tune, we went with dance.  She probably would have liked yoga too.  Enrolling her in karate scared me.  She already is a mini black belt with her flying arms and legs!

On the morning of her first class, she got into her pink leotard and white tights.  She was very curious about her "special" outfit for school.  Since it was a chilly morning, she wore a pair of gray sweat pants over it.  

I asked her if I could take her picture, this was the response...

I guess this is her version of "talk to the hand????"

The future ballerina needed to properly fuel for her upcoming workout, so she inhaled a waffle and milk before school.  We've also been offering her some orange juice in the morning too for a little added calcium.  Some days she is interested and other days, not so much.

Looking all grown up

Two gummy vitamins for a growing girl!

Pure concentration

Of course, Mommy is such a pain.  No one wants their picture taken during breakfast...

The good news - the report from dance class is that Georgia liked it.  Unfortunately, she was the only girl in the 2 year-old class that signed up for dance.  So, instead of taking her by herself, the teacher took her with the 3 year-olds.  Oh boy, already hanging out with the older girls!!

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