Friday, September 20, 2013

Sitting Room Transformation - Part II

When we left off yesterday, Nick and I had spent a long day prepping our walls and then installing the board and batten in our master bedroom sitting area.  When we awoke on Sunday morning, we were able to see the wall in a brand new light... quite literally!  With the sun shining in from the big window in the room, we were able to see a few more spots that needed further sanding and another coat of paint.

The first thing we decided to do was install the large white pine board as a shelf on top of the already installed chair rail molding.  Instantly, we loved the look!

Nick sanding more areas after installing the shelf on top of the railing.

A closer shot at the new shelf on top of the chair rail (and apparently, my shadow!)

Sanding, sanding, sanding!  

After a turn with the vacuum to clean up all the dust, it was another coat of paint for the wall and boards.  We were soooooo close at this point and the end was within sight.

Thank goodness for the Dyson!

More blue tape so we could put on the final coat of paint

And then it was done!  AHHHHHH!!  After months of talking about it, a week of planning it, and a weekend spent inside nailing it up/sanding/filling holes/painting/etc., it was actually done.  I just stood back and enjoyed for a few minutes...

Check out that shine!

Of course, immediately, Nick spotted a few areas that needed some touch up...

And then, for real, it was done...

My husband, my hero!

Check in tomorrow to see how we went from a "new" blank canvas to a complete room with the delivery of the furniture, some other additions to the room, and even a new tv!

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