Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sitting Room Transformation - Part III

If you missed the first two recaps (aka - the construction details) of our master bedroom sitting room transformation, check them out here in Part I and Part II.

So far... the before/after!

Onto the grand finale...

After loving my new wall for a few days, which may or may not have included Nick walking in to find me sprawled out on the carpet gazing lovingly up at it (true story!), we were excited when the furniture people arrived bright and early one morning with our delivery.  When I say "bright and early," I really mean in the pitch dark before 6:30am.  Thank goodness the company called to tell me they were sitting outside in their truck because apparently the shower and my blow dryer is much louder than our doorbell, as well as my snoring husband.  Luckily, I was able to wake up Nick before the delivery men met me in a towel answering the front door.

Nick's new recliner and an end table we already had in the room.  We finally came to an agreement on this piece from La-Z-Boy -- it fit my request that we didn't put a big, ugly, manly recliner in our master bedroom and it fit Nick's request that he finally get a recliner!

"My" new chair - another piece from La-Z-Boy

It was hard to keep getting ready to go to work because I kept running from our bathroom to the sitting room to enjoy the new look!  Memo to self - not the quickest or most efficient way to get to work on time.

Note the tags still on... and the dawn light creeping in the windows!

Georgia came wandering in a few minutes later and was immediately weirded out by the new furniture.  "New chairs??" she kept asking.  She loved the recliner and requested to "put it up!"  

Going for a ride with Daddy!

As thrilled as I was to finally get furniture in the room, I was more excited to go shopping for all the little pieces that I wanted in order to pull the whole look together.  I knew we would need a lamp, some pieces for the shelf and probably a few more fun touches.  So, I started my rounds - Target, Home Goods, Pier 1 Imports, TJ Maxx, etc.  As usual, I ended up finding things I didn't know I was looking for, as well as "borrowing" some items from other areas in the house.  Introducing...

I was beyond thrilled to find this lamp in Target since it matched our other end table lamps that I bought years and years ago.  You may also spot one of my favorite pics - our official "engagement photo," which is older than all the lamps in our bedroom!

I found this bad boy in Home Goods and for some reason, I just HAD to have it!  I loved the scroll work.

Wooden pallet from Pier 1 Imports.  Not only did I love the sayings on the board, but the brown/tan/white color scheme worked perfectly in our bedroom

A few other new additions - a vase from Home Goods and a scroll-like (???) sculpture from Pier 1

A vase that was hiding away in a cabinet with some filler from TJ Maxx

More borrowed items from the family room mantle!

A new shiny Turkish plate from Home Goods

Did I mention that we were also adding a tv to this area (hence the earlier post with Georgia watching every tv in Best Buy!)?  We had to hire an electrician to come add an outlet and then have our security company come out to pull the cable/wire over to the area.  Once we realized that we'd be adding a tv, it hit us that instead of buying a new tv just for this area, we could swap all the televisions in the house around and get a much larger tv for the family room, move the current family room tv to the bedroom sleeping area and move that current to the sitting room.  Follow that?  I barely did.  

Of course, one little problem occurred when I brought all the new pieces home and started finding places for them in the room... I wasn't loving the flow of the room anymore, especially knowing that a tv was coming into the space.  

We have always had a mirror and long table in the master bedroom foyer and a desk/chair combo in the sitting area.  For some reason, I kept looking a the two and decided that a switcheroo needed to happen.  So, I grabbed Nick and made him drag some furniture around... again!  I'm soooo happy with the switch.  Now, when you first walk in, you still see the mirror, but the desk and chair are now in that area...

Entrance to the master bedroom suite with the sleeping area, bathroom, and closet to the right and the sitting area to the left

Desk area (with some of our wedding photos) reflecting our "Georgia wall" in the mirror

Prime example of "borrowing" - I stole those candle votives from our family room mantle 

The original table from that area moved over to the opposite wall in the sitting room under where the television was mounted.  The table provided a much more balanced look than the desk against that wall mainly because it was thinner, longer, and shorter.

And the room itself....

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!  It came out better than I could have ever imagined.  

Nick's corner

I'm so happy that we decided to add the shelf - it adds so much to the space!

End table

Now onto the next project!  Was that the sound of Nick going to hide in the man cave???

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