Monday, September 16, 2013

Barnyard Bash!

Ever since we moved to the "new house" (sidebar - how long can I still refer to this as the "new house"???), we heard lots of recommendations for Green Meadows Petting Farm.  I tried to take Georgia this summer, but of course, I didn't check their calendar and they were closed when we go there.  So, in celebration of the first fall-like weather day here in Maryland, we put on our jeans, long sleeved shirts, closed toed shoes and headed to the farm for their Barnyard Bash celebration!

Georgia was soooooo excited to put on her new shoes.  I have to admit that the little red Tom's were too cute to pass up during a Zulily sale last spring, so I was happy to finally break them out.  She was less than happy about putting on jeans.  We had to have a little mini fashion show to figure out which pair actually fit her.  I think the last time she wore jeans was sometime last spring!  We finally had to roll up the legs of one pair in order to get one to fit.

Ready for the farm

G was pretty excited when we pulled up to the field and she spotted all the action going on!

With baby animals to see, fire trucks to climb in, fun buses, hayrides and lots more to see/do, Georgia's favorite thing to do was to "drive" the tractor...

I was too busy checking out the baby piglets.  They had only been born a few days ago and were beyond adorable!!  Nick told me we couldn't get a piglet, so I text my mom, who unfortunately agreed with my husband.

I can't decide which little guy/gal is the cutest!

The animal barn was amazing.  Georgia got to pet piglets, a huge rabbit, baby chicks and even guinea pigs.  However, some major ADHD kicked in as she dashed from pen to pen.  She would quickly touch something and then run along to the next area.  Nick and I could barely catch up.  She bypassed the llamas, bison, cows, and alpacas and ran around the field like a little lost lunatic!

Meeting a baby chick. Georgia wasn't impressed and immediately told the lady that she wanted to see the black one instead!

Next, Georgia ran up the hill to see the pig races, but got distracted by the big horses and zebras in a nearby pen.  When we dashed over there, the hayride was just getting back, so we jogged over to the catch the next ride...

Running to the next thing to see!

Miss Smarty Pants immediately started talking about blueberries and it took me a minute to figure out what she was referring to and then it hit me - the last time she was on a tractor like this, we were at Butler's Orchard picking blueberries!  She thought we were headed out to pick blueberries again.  Sorry, kiddo, not the right season.

After our ride, we decided to take a minute to have a snack and check out some more of the animals on the farm.  

Checking out the horses!

Trying to sneak under the fence to get a better look at the horses!

Daddy and G enjoying a kettle corn snack

After some playtime, Georgia finally got to check out the fire truck.  Drivers beware!

Not quite seeing over the wheel

Usually we have a terrible experience with trying to get G's picture in these wooden cut-outs, but Nick hiding behind it and tickling her seems to have done the trick!

I guess this trip officially kicks off our farm fall season here in Maryland.  Lots of things to see and do this fall at a variety of autumn festivals!!  Bring on fall...

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