Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Farm Days of Summer!

Monday and Tuesday of our vacation week were absolutely gorgeous weather days.  Since Nick was working from home those days, we stuck around town.  The weather was even nice enough for me to squeeze in a few outdoor runs, which is rare for me during the summer months (Maryland summer humidity + our hilly neighborhood = die).  These were my first post-op "outside" runs and I'm happy to report that I survived and had a few nice runs and even got faster on day #2.  Overall, I'm fairly happy considering there are a lot of nice 5K runs here in Maryland in the fall and although my running on the treadmill has been pretty consistent, I wanted to make sure I was road ready for the upcoming months (aka - I can handle hills and non-AC!).

Since the weather was gorgeous, we decided we had to get outside... so off to Shaw Farm we go!  Just like last summer, we were lucky enough to have Georgia's bike at my Mom's house and the farm only a short walk away.   

When we got to the farm, we first visited with the baby cows before we headed into the barn to say hello to the big gals...

Hi, baby cow!

#516 was quite intrigued by us!

Georgia loved the tractors and may have come home with one or two new toys from the farm gift shop.

Hugs for Mimi

On Tuesday, our family friend, Debbie, brought over her granddaughter, Sarah, to visit with us.  So, we had to take Miss Sarah to the farm too!

Pretty Miss Sarah!

Heading to the farm with her new bubble blower!

Miss Sarah wasn't so sure about the cows!

The two Mimi's and their girls

Showing Bailey the donkey her pinwheel!

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