Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Take Me Out to the Ball... Kerplunk!

I'm sure many of you are thinking that I've finally lost it just by reading the title of this post.  However, for those of you who also follow along on our life adventures on Facebook, you may have already guessed that you're going to hear the whole story of my recent head injury.  Yes, head injury.  The good news is that I still look like this (and I earned a souvenir)...

Although my head feels much more like this...

On Saturday, we woke up bright and early (aka - in the pitch black) and made our annual drive up to Massachusetts for our August vacation at my mom's house.  The drive was fairly smooth.  Georgia was entertained by her iPad in the back and KC slept the drive away pretending she wasn't in the same vicinity as Georgia!

This is what Georgia looks like when she gets up at 4am and refuses to go back to sleep in the car because she might miss an episode of "Bubble Guppies!"

KC being KC!

We already had plans to attend a minor league baseball game at a stadium in nearby Lowell, so after a quick power-nap and a shower, we all piled into my car and drove over to the stadium.  Georgia was excited to spend a night with her cousins, "the boys," who she has been asking about since they left our house in July.  We parked and started walking toward the stadium along with the crowd.  Thankfully, Georgia was with my mom walking in front of me and Nick was walking with the boys behind me when I heard a horrible CRACK and felt blinding pain on the top of my head.  Honestly, my first thought was that I had been shot!

But no, I just had been hit by a baseball on the top of my head while walking OUTSIDE of the ball park.  Foul ball.  Oooops!  As my oldest godson, Nathan, would go onto say all night long, "Auntie what are the chances?!??"  Let me tell you, I don't know about the odds of this happening, but it happened!  And not surprisingly, it happened to me.  I officially have joined the ranks of those idiots they show on the blooper reals on ESPN who get drilled in the head by a flying ball during a game.

I immediately hit the deck grabbing at my head and screaming.  A few city cops directing traffic rushed over and before I even sat down, the paramedics were on me.  Drama!!  The best entertainment had to come from Georgia, who was livid that we still weren't inside the stadium and she could hear the noise/party atmosphere inside and needed to be in there NOW!  The boys couldn't agree on who was going to keep the ball that tried to shatter my skull and I'm sprawled on the sidewalk being asked if I know my name.  What a scene!!  Never mind, all the people gawking at the poor chick sitting in the middle of the sidewalk with an ice bag to her head as they walked into the game!

Thankfully, I didn't appear to have any permanent damage, so I signed my life away and refused a ride to the local hospital.  Oh yes, by now, the ambulance had also arrived!  As for the game, well, I can't exactly recall many details from the night.  I couldn't even tell you who played in the game.  I may have had PTSD because with every crack of the bat and every fly ball, I ducked and covered my head.  15+ years playing softball and I never took a ball to the head.  What are the odds of walking outside a stadium and getting konked??!  I hope the same odds are in my favor to win Powerball tomorrow night!

I did manage to grab a few pictures during the game...

Do I look concussed?!?!

Georgia managed to have a blast at her first baseball game....

Papa and Nathan watching the game

Matthew was INTENSELY watching the game!

Georgia may have even stole some of Nathan's cotton candy during the game and convinced Mimi to buy her a stuffed bear...


Not bad at all!  She immediately finished the piece she was given and declared, "More, please!"

After the game, the team invited all the kids in the stadium to head down onto the field to run the bases.  Matthew jumped at the chance...

Matthew heading for home!

Rounding 1st!

Of course, as soon as Georgia saw Matthew running the bases, you know she wanted in on the action.  So, my Mom ran her over to Nick, who was already on the field with Matthew, and she had her turn to run around the field...

Nick tried to point out to Georgia that she didn't officially tag 1st base.  She got upset and didn't want to touch it because "it's dirty!"

Speeding up the process!

So, overall, an "interesting" night at the ballpark.  Being hit on the head by a baseball leaves you with a great excuse to not really listen or pay attention to life for 24 hours.  Do I know you?!?!  :)

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