Friday, August 9, 2013

Sunday Funday!

After my unfortunate baseball meets head incident on Saturday evening, I was fairly happy to wake up on Sunday morning with only a dull thud in my head and a nice bump on the top of my head.  Heck, I was thrilled to just wake up at all after Nick scared me to death with talks about concussions as I was trying to fall asleep on Saturday night.

Georgia was beyond THRILLED to have a sleepover with her "boys" and wake up to lots of fun on Sunday morning...

Matthew and Nathan provided endless entertainment for their little cousin!

When we woke up on Sunday morning, we had a few hours to prep for a surprise party for Auntie Melissa.  Don't tell anyone, but she turned the big 4-0, which is also known as the 2-9 in our family.


You get to be a princess in our family when it's your birthday!

Georgia was excited to see her Auntie again.  We were lucky enough to see her lots this summer since they were at our house last month, during the "gallbladder days" event.

Showing Auntie her "Cars" book

We needed an updated cousins' photo...

Georgia liked helping Auntie open her presents...

Even though she couldn't eat it, Georgia still loved looking at the cake...

I love, love, love Matthew's face in this picture!  Think the kid likes cake????

Only in our family, do the candles get re-lit so the non-birthday girl can blow them out again!!

Happy birthday week, Auntie, we love you!

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