Friday, August 30, 2013

Movie Magic!

Last Saturday night our neighborhood planned a great back-to-school activity for all the kids/families in the Village - movie night.  They rented a big blow-up screen and invited everyone down to the pool clubhouse parking lot for a fun night.  If you donated a canned food item to a local shelter, you even got some freshly popped popcorn.

The movie wasn't planned to start until 8pm, so we weren't sure how long Georgia would last, but she loves her movies, so we figured we'd try it out.  We did a quick bath, put her in her pajamas and packed up the car with some snacks, beverages (the adults may have enjoyed an "adult beverage") and off we went.  We were one of the first families to arrive, so we got a primo spot right in front.  We spread out our blanket and settled in...

It was a gorgeous night, but as the sun went down, it immediately got a little chilly.  That's when I remembered that Georgia had a sleeping bag and this was the perfect occasion to use it!!  So, Nick ran home and grabbed the bag.  Meanwhile, Georgia enjoyed a snack and waited for "Wreck It Ralph" to begin as more and more people filed into the parking lot.

The movie started promptly at 8pm and Georgia curled up with her blanket and the sleeping bag.  No lie - she didn't move for a solid 90 minutes. I even checked more than once to see if she fell asleep.  Nope, she was just lying there with her eyes wide open.  No blinking.  No moving.  Just transfixed on the screen.

All comfy and cozy!

Not so surprisingly, she stayed awake for the entire movie.  She finally got up from her little cozy nest and crawled into Daddy's lap for the last few minutes of the flick.  The funniest part of her finally rolling over was that she hadn't even realized that it got dark.  She was amazed that she could see the stars!  It was all she talked about the next day.  I guess the kid has forgotten about daylight savings already.

She even perked up when the movie was over!  10pm and the kid was ready to party.  Luckily, it only took a few minutes to pack up our little mini camp and get ourselves home.  

And just when you think the movie madness was over for the weekend, we decided to take Georgia to see "Planes" on Sunday.  She has been salivating at the commercial for months now, especially because it is from the maker of her beloved "Cars."  So, we decided we would risk the 10:40am matinee and bring her to her first movie in the theater.

Luckily, everyone else walking in seemed to be of the toddler and younger set, so we figured even if it was an epic disaster, we were surrounded by other young families!

Waiting for the movie to start with her safe/non-dairy popcorn from home!

We also got there early enough that we got the first row in the stadium seating, so Georgia would be able to stand up and even walk around a bit if needed.  That worked out really well.  However, our mistake was getting there so early.  The previews took FOREVER.  I think we saw previews for every movie coming to theaters for the next 3 years.  By the time the movie started, it was already past 11am.  Georgia initially got sucked into the movie and sat still and was entertained for the first 20-30 minutes.  Then, she discovered that she could stand up!  Our row was empty, so we let her wander up and down the aisle for a bit.  Nick ended up taking her out of the theater for a few minutes because she wanted to go back to the lobby.  They returned and she sat for awhile again.  Then she got up and wandered around again, so I took a lap with her out to the lobby before she was ready to go back.  She finished the movie standing in the aisle, but it worked.

Overall, it wasn't a phenomenal experience, but it wasn't the nightmare that I envisioned in my head, especially considering she was up late the previous night.  She just wasn't as entertained by the concept of the movie as we thought she would be.  She can watch "Nemo" and "Cars" for hours and hours on end without blinking.  I think she watched "Cars 2" on repeat all the way from CT to MD on our last car trip.  She just wasn't that into "Planes" unless it was an action scene.  Nick and I agreed there was a lot of talking in the movie in between action scenes and that is when she would get bored.  But, she didn't scream and didn't cause any scenes.  The matinee was perfect for her age group.  But, unless something amazing comes out in theaters this year, I think we'll wait awhile before we go back to another movie.  She can just keep watching the same ones for free on repeat in our living room!

When we asked her which movie she preferred that weekend, she claimed "Wreck It Ralph."  It will be interesting to see if that holds true over time.  We don't even know how much of "Ralph" she truly watched vs just being glazed over while lying in her sleeping bag!

So, movie weekend was fairly successful.  No one had to be carried out of a theater kicking and screaming and that is always a win in my book!

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