Thursday, August 15, 2013

Aunties, Ice Cream, Looch and More!

It's time for another photo dump from our vacation in MA...

We had a ton of visitors while we were at my Mom's house and it's always great to see so many family/friends and catch up with everyone while we are at home!

Reading with Auntie Elaine

Checking out some new bath toys from Auntie Pat

Two aunties + too many toys/clothes/gifts = Christmas in August

One place we spent a fair amount of time visiting while home was the new Orange Leaf frozen yogurt place near my Mom's house.  We were over the moon when we discovered that two of their flavors of fro-yo were dairy free.  Meaning, Georgia could actually go out for ice cream with us!!!  This was huge for us since we can never do this with her at home and it's such a typical summer activity that she misses out on.  So, we managed to squeeze in a few visits during the week and she may have even had second helpings one night - totally because she turned on the charm and talked her Mimi into getting her more!

Yummo - orange with sprinkles!

Of course, small town living means that you immediately bump into people you know, including your cousins, when you go out for fro-yo!

High-five for Carrie!

Of course, once Auntie Kris heard that we bumped into her sister, she immediately jetted over for a visit!

Georgia's favorite visitors may have been Victoria and Dennis... because they brought Looch.  And Georgia is STILL talking about Looch.  Yesterday in the car, she declared, "Looch ate a bone!"  And this morning, a small poodle was on tv and she screamed, "It's a Looch!"  So apparently in our world, Looch = dog.  

Playing school with Victoria

Giving a bone to Looch

Licks from Looch

And if Looch wasn't around for entertainment, then hosing down Daddy always works!

And most nights ended the same way... hanging out with Papa in the den!

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