Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thankful & Throw-Back Thursday!

A lot of bloggers do a "thankful Thursday" post or a "throw-back Thursday" post.  I won't embarrass anyone with old school 80's photos, but I will give some thankful Thursday shout-outs this week and recall a few throw-back photos of Georgia (if you can call a year or two ago as being a "throw back")...

1 - I'm thankful for the surgical team at Shady Grove Hospital. I may not have been too impressed with the nursing staff on the floor that I was inpatient (I mean, seriously, how many times could I have been offered food/drink when the NPO sign was clearly on the door!!!), but the doctors were great.  A specific shout-out to Dr. Kim, who rocked my gallbladder surgery.  As he said to me before the anesthesia kicked in, "It's okay to be nervous, because I'm not!"  He must have done a fabulous job, because I barely have any scars.  My only complaint is that I didn't get to see my gallstones.  I wanted to throw those suckers in the firepit and watch them burn!

2 - In a related thank you, I'd like to thank my body for a quick recovery.  I got the all clear last week to start running again.  I gave it a few more days and got back on the treadmill exactly 19 days post-op.  I started slow and ran 1 mile the first day.  The legs were a little stiff the next morning, but they got me through 2 miles the next day.  I took a day of rest yesterday and ran a 5K this morning.  So, thank you, to my legs and body for getting me to 3 miles today.  They might not be the fastest 3 miles, but I lived and feel good.

3 - I'm thankful for my mom who came and stayed with us for 2+ weeks.   Georgia is in shock that her every whim and need isn't being met in less than 3 seconds this week since she was spoiled rotten while my mom was here!  Poor Nick has a sinus infection and banished himself to the guest room for the past few nights (on a side note - I guess I'm grateful for guest rooms so I don't have to hear him snore while he is sick!).  Georgia accused him of sleeping in "Mimi's room!"

4 - I'm thankful for trains.  Why?  Because they bring absolute joy to my kid's face!  Wednesday has become Mommy and G day at Rio, so that she can get her weekly fix of riding the train around the lake.  It's not always the easiest transition to get her out of the train without a full-blown temper tantrum and screams of "again, again!" but she loves being on it so much!

Instagram selfie of me and my girl!

5 - I'm thankful for friends.  Becky came over last week for an afternoon by the pool with us.  Georgia is still talking about "swimming with Becky!"  Luckily, Becky helped with Georgia's new desire to practice jumping into the pool again and again since I was still on restrictions from the surgery last week.

6 - I'm grateful for pigtails because they are so darn cute...

And in the spirit of throw-back Thursday, here is a picture from last July.  And a reason to be thankful this year is that Georgia does NOT have hand/foot/mouth disease right now, which is what we were experiencing last year on this particular date in July of 2012.  I can't recall yet whether Nick or I were suffering yet, but here's hoping that we NEVER experience this particular disease again because it was beyond awful!!

July 2012 - My poor bald polka-dotted baby!

And a Throw-Back to the end of July 2011.  My 3 month old baby weighed in at 9lbs and was officially released from her oxygen monitor (for those of you who were followers/readers back then, you may recall I had a lovely nickname for that machine!)...

The little peanut!

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