Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Rewind Week...

Due to the rude interruption of losing an organ last week, I never got to share photos from our visit with the Brodeurs.  Even though my gallbladder attacks were ongoing at the time, we were able to sneak in a few days of relative calm before the craziness hit the fan mid-week.  

When they arrived last Saturday, it also happened to be Matthew's 8th birthday.  If you remember one of my last "normal" posts before surgery, Georgia helped me decorate and get ready for their arrival.  Of course, Georgia manages to turn someone else's birthday into an opportunity for her to get gifts.  She was beyond excited to inherit some Thomas the tank engine trains and tracks from her big cousins...

Getting some instructions from Matthew

Watching Nathan put together some trains for her

Happy girl!

I was under a lot of pressure to come up with a good idea for Matthew's birthday gift since I had an original idea for his brother's birthday earlier in the year.  Thank goodness for Pinterest!  We came up with a fun idea of how to present some money to the birthday boy...

Being wrapped up by $50 worth of $1 dollar bills

We had to cap off the birthday with some time by the firepit since Nick had approximately 4,000 trees delivered to our house that week!

G was psyched to stay up late and eat marshmallows with her big cousins!

Nathan roasting a marshmallow

Melissa, Nick & Georgia by the fire

Matthew and Nathan taught Georgia how to brush her teeth like a champ every night before bed and then they would take turns reading to her before bedtime...

Luckily, we were able to hit up a few museums and spend some time in DC before I was admitted to the hospital.  Stay tuned!

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Laura Flaute said...

Awww, awesome cousins! And such a happy girl!