Tuesday, July 23, 2013

New Trains and Pez!

Add another item to Georgia's favorite things - Pez!  Thanks, Auntie Elaine, for sending Georgia a special Nemo treat.  We swear she ate the entire pack of candy in less than 90 seconds.  Nick asked her for one and they were already gone.  We had to tell her we were all out and there were no more because we were concerned how quickly the second roll would go down!  Mimi made her scrub her teeth and I tried to pretend that the ingredients of sugar, every food coloring on the planet, and a bunch of other unpronounceable ingredients that absolutely do NOT exist naturally on this Earth were a normal snack for a 2 year-old!  Thankfully, she seems to have forgotten about the actual candy and just wants to play with the Pez holder... for now!  As my mom pointed out, due to her allergies, the poor child has never even had an M&M and probably never will.  Gasp - the horror!

The sweet taste of sugar!

She did share a Pez with her new trains.  She ADORES her new motorized Thomas cars that run all over the kitchen these days.  Even KC likes to chase them around.  Thanks, Auntie Elaine!!

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