Sunday, July 21, 2013

First Carnival Rides!

Last week, one of the neighboring towns had their annual carnival.  Since it was still well over 90 degrees at 7pm, we decided to take a ride over and check out the rides and entertainment.  Georgia, of course, was in her glory.  The kid loves a party.  I'm already in fear of her freshmen year of college in 16 years.  She is the ultimate party girl.

Last year, we took her to another local carnival, but she was too little to go on any of the rides.  Not the case this year...

Getting ready for her first ride on the carousel!

Thank goodness Mimi bought a whole book of tickets because this was just the first ride on the carousel.  There would be ride #2, ride #3, etc.

After the carousel, it was onto Jalopy Junction for a ride on the "train."

Our brave little girl didn't stop there, next she jumped on the flying elephants (aka - Dumbo style) for a ride with Mommy.  The next day, she kept talking about "the elephants up and down!"  

We took a short break to grab some food.  Georgia immediately noticed the live band playing on that end of the field.  She declared that she "had to dance" and ran toward the stage with Mimi in tow.  By the time Nick and I arrived, she was a dancing fool and entertaining many people around her...

Like Mommy, she's a huge fan of 80's cover bands.  Who knew!??

I love Nick's reaction in this picture!  Georgia was quite literally shaking her toosh off!

After a quick dance break, it was back to the rides.  This time, it was Mommy's turn to get on the carousel since Daddy was getting dizzy from all his spins...

And then Georgia had her brave moment for the night - she rode the cars ALL BY HERSELF!!!  And not just one time, but twice.  After the first ride ended, she declared that she wanted to go again and that she wanted to go on the purple car!

Holding on tight!  I made Nick pull that belt until his hands turned blue!!

Overall, amazing night!  Our little peanut managed to stay at the carnival until after 9pm.  She was so into all the lights, sights, and sounds.  We had to drag her to the car and promise to take her to the carnival (in another town) the following week!  So, I guess it's back to the carousel for a few rides later this week!  Unbelievably, it was still 90+ degrees when we got into the car that night.  Crazy hot summer nights!

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