Monday, June 3, 2013

Final NOLA Post...

I know, I know... enough with your trip and where is the cute little girl on the blog these days?!?!

I promise - final NOLA recap and a peek at what the peanut was up to while we were away!

After we returned from the swamp, Nick and I returned to the city to check out of the hotel and grab our final meal while in New Orleans... jazz brunch at The Court of the Two Sisters.  The restaurant, located in the French Quarter, has the most amazing courtyard.  We had changed our early morning reservation to early afternoon so that we could squeeze in our gator tour trip, so we caught the end of the jazz brunch.  Literally, there were musicians playing both in the courtyard (where we were lucky enough to sit) and also inside the restaurant.

We had so many great meals (and drinks) while in New Orleans.  I loved this restaurant's take on the classic New Orleans "hurricane" drink - they add orange juice and call it a "flamingo."  If we didn't have a flight to catch, I could have sat there drinking those down all day long.  Instead, we enjoyed our buffet lunch.  I made sure to eat mostly items that I know we don't see too often in the DC area - muffaletta olive salad, shrimp in a spicy etouffe, crawfish, jumbalya, fresh shrimp, etc.  And I topped it all off with bananas foster.  As you can imagine, I didn't get on the scale for several days after returning home!!

Jazz brunch at The Court of the Two Sisters (you can see some of the jazz musicians in the background playing).

Vines growing above us

Oh, NOLA, you never disappoint!  We thoroughly enjoyed our 3 days in the Big Easy, but we were also excited to get home to our Georgia.  Of course, she didn't exactly look miserable from the photos my mom was sending our way...

Mimi & G

Stickers on your nose!!!

Just hanging around at the playground with Mimi and Papa

Chomping away at some watermelon

Putting all of Papa's change in her piggy bank castle

A huge thank you to my mom and Kevin for coming down and hanging out with Georgia for the weekend.  We came home to a happy kiddo, a sparkling clean house, a car with a full tank of gas, and Papa even painted the stairway to the man cave and part of the basement!  Papa even shuttled us back and forth to the airport, so he visited BWI four times during his short visit.  Thanks!!!!

We definitely plan on returning to New Orleans one day... Nick a little sooner than others!  We said that if we had another day or two, we would have checked out the WWII museum, maybe visited a plantation or two, checked out numerous restaurants (including Cochon Butcher, August and Mother's), gone to the aquarium, maybe even the zoo, and taken a riverboat cruise.  

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