Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Toys, toys and more toys!

It's official... we're going to need a new house.  Georgia received more toys than we know what to do with after her 2nd birthday.  She had a blast opening all of her gifts after she took a nice nap after her party.

Georgia's new slide from Auntie (& crew) and her new Adirondack chair from Mommy/Daddy

Waiting for Daddy to open her new Bubble Guppies microphone from Papa

Heading down her slide

Reading a card

Opening presents from Aunt Elaine

Checking out new outfits from Mimi while wearing a new sweatshirt from Aunt Pat

Baking cookies

Playing with Grandpa

New bubble mower from Auntie 

Playing with Mimi

Balloon fight with Grandpa

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