Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Official TWO Update...

The party weekend has wrapped up, the presents have been put away, and the house is **mostly** back to normal.  And our daughter is two years old.  When did that happen?!?  Two years have flown by.  Although some NICU amnesia has kicked in, the emotions and feelings from those early days can be brought back in  a heartbeat.  All it takes is a certain word, image, tv commercial, or some memory from those days and everything comes flooding back.  We reflect now and realize how lucky we were and how grateful we are that Georgia was so well taken care of at both Holy Cross and Children's.  I follow too many preemie blogs that even now, as toddlers, document the lives of children that have many medical concerns and ailments that will be with them for their entire lives.

Georgia had her official 2 year old well visit a few days after her 2nd birthday.  She was a complete and utter lunatic during the appointment.  She's never had a problem at the doctor's office, and we have seen more than enough doctors since our NICU days.  It was like a flip was switched and she just KNEW that she was 2 years old now, so she should act like a maniac.  It took several nurses just to get her head measurement!!  I don't even think Georgia knew that she got a shot because she was already screaming bloody murder and climbing me like a spider monkey.  She absolutely knew that she got a band-aid put on her leg because she acted like it was a tarantula on her leg.  She howled.  She screamed.  She threw herself on the ground and kicked and screamed until I peeled the thing off.  Oh boy...

The official numbers...

Weight - 24 pounds, 4 ounces (10-25%ile)
Height - 32.75 inches (25-50%ile)
Head - 18.5 inches (10-25%ile)

In comparison to her 18 month numbers, she has gained almost 3 pounds.  We're thrilled with that because we started the coconut milk after that 18 month appointment in the fall, when she hadn't gained much weight at all since her 1 year appointment.  She's also grown almost 2 inches since that 18 month appointment.  And her head circumference went up almost an entire inch.  Not so bad for a kiddo who started out so tiny and for a kiddo with a ton of food allergies, which limits the amount of food she can eat, especially all that good dairy with healthy fats!

Overall, she is a total 2 year old these days.  Our highs are high and our lows are Low, Low, Low!  We go from a happy giggling little princess to a throw yourself on the floor beast in just a matter of seconds.  She has no problem telling anyone, and I mean ANYONE, "No!"  I hear, "No Mama!" at least 100x per day at this point.  I feel like I'm being scolded at all times.  However, she can flip that switch and be a perfect angel two seconds later.  She is my perfect little helper - watering plants, putting things in the trash, cooking, cleaning up, emptying the dishwasher, etc.  

Her language is off the charts, from both my personal and professional opinions.  Georgia has over 350+ words that she uses consistently these days.  Her sentences can reach in excess of 5-6 words, including her personal favorite, "No, Mama, I don't want it!"  Yikes.  New favorite words and expression this past month or so include - "shadow" (she points to her shadow and mine all the time now, especially at the park while we swing), "over there"/"right there"/"right here"/"that way" (basically, she is a mini-GPS and it is literally her way or the wrong way!), "careful" (wonder where she got that one?!?!), "cuddle" (that one can melt your heart... and delay bedtime by 10 minutes), "I'll get it!/You got it/I did it", "ambulance", and "sprinkles."  She loves sprinkles on anything!

She knows all the letters in her first and last name, although the "I" can throw her off.  On our last run through of letters, she knew 45/52 letter names (using both the lower and uppercase letter magnets).  She can sing the entire alphabet and can count to 10.  She is back to loving "If You're Happy and You Know It!" and sings it by herself now.  We hear all sorts of interesting songs in the morning when she wakes up and we hear her on the monitor.  She absolutely has to have HER music on in the car.  If we get in the car after daycare and her cd is not playing, she immediately starts telling me, "No!!!!"

She has or is in the process of getting all of her remaining teeth.  Her incisors seem to be taking their dear sweet time coming in and are driving her bonkers these days.  She likes to brush her teeth (especially with the new Thomas toothpaste that her Mimi gave her!) and does a fairly good job getting in there and scrubbing.

Her favorite tv shows still include "Bubble Guppies, Thomas, Super Why," and "Sofia the First."  Her favorite movie is still "Finding Nemo."  She could watch it on repeat all day long.  As soon as the credits roll, the asks for it to start again.

Her favorite foods still include the staples around here - chicken nuggets, broccoli, asparagus, peas, french fries, Fruit Loops, Rice Krispies, Lucky Charms (she prefers ONLY the marshmallows!), crackers, gummy bunnies, and the beloved Oreos!

She certainly has her Daddy wrapped around her finger.  One look and she can get away with murder around here.  She is lucky she is cute because she can drive us totally bananas at times.  Her second birthday week was capped off by christening my brand new car with her vomit.  First time she's ever puked in the car.  And first time we were driving in my car as a family of three.  Awesome!  Oh the memories.  

The first two years have been quite memorable.  Cheers to seeing what exciting adventures the next two years bring our way.  Georgia is certainly the queen of the castle!

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